Panther Updates

News, Resources and Learning for Panther Staff, 5/22/17

Lot's Going on at PUE


News of Note

Track 1 Retention List Due: Track 1 Retention List is due to Mr. Biles this Thursday, May 25 before you leave for the day. Retention Committee will meet the following week on Thursday, June 1. Please complete this form, attach and bring any supporting documents to the final Retention Committee Meeting on June 1st. Please alert Mr. Biles or Mrs. Fricke if parents will be attending the meeting as we want their input is part of the meeting process. We will attempt to arrange this meeting during your specialist planning periods. Remember that if the student has not been reviewed several times by the Intervention Team this year they will not be considered for retention UNLESS there is a special circumstance attached to late enrollment, etc. Students on this list are students that had Consideration of Retention letters sent home in February and that you have shared ongoing concerns with the student's parents.

Interim Reports: Tracks 3 & 4 Interim Reports go Out on Tuesday, May 23. Remember to connect with SpEd staff if you are sending an interim with a student with an IEP.

Field Days Field Days (June 2nd T-1 & 3, K-3, 4/5 and June 9 T 2 & 4 K-3) are just around the corner. Please encourage parent volunteers for your perspective class/grade level. A detailed letter and sign up link is in the Sunday Message.

Fidgets: As of Monday, 5/22/17, fidget spinners are not to be brought to school by students. This is in response to several incidents of "missing" items, including items taken from a teacher's classroom. This is similar to the "ban" on Pokemon cards. Thank you in advance for helping us be consistent and for supporting this effort.

Fire Doors Closed After 4:30 PM: Fire Doors will be CLOSED after 4:30 each day for security reasons. If you work after that time, please plan accordingly. If you need to unlock the fire doors and no one is in the front office, Mr. Rob and Ms. Deb in Before and After Care have a key.

EOG Schedule: Please refer to the email sent out Friday afternoon for EOG testing details regarding lunches, specials, and recess on EOG testing days. It is important that you READ the schedule and EMAIL Ms. Fricke if you have questions or notice a problem. On days that kids eat in the classroom, encourage students to bring lunch AND ask for a parent volunteer to help supervise and for you to have a break. IF you have a TA, you will still need a parent volunteer, as they will have been testing and will require a break, as well. If you can't secure a volunteer, please email Ms. Perry. As mentioned the EOG training it needs to be

Box Fans: It’s HOT, HOT, HOT!!! If your room is CONSISTENTLY hot when the temperature goes up outside please alert administration. This is especially important as we complete EOY benchmark assessments and EOGs. Also, if you do not have a fan, please email Ms. Fricke before Wednesday, 5/24/17. She has asked the PTA to fund what is needed and would like to know how many to order. If you just want a fan because you want one for the room, you can still request one and if there are extras we will disperse fans as they are available.

Snakes, Snakes, and More Snakes: Animals are coming in from wet areas and the heat due to the weather. If you or your class notices snakes or other potentially dangerous wildlife, please call the office and keep your students away from the area. It does not matter if a student is “familiar” with such animals, do not allow students to touch or get near the animal. Thanks for your cooperation!


Annual Rubik's Cube Tournament a Big Success


Duties below are for Track 2 OUT: 5/22-5/26, 5/30-6/2, 6/5-6/7

  • AM Hallway- Blocker

  • AM Carpool- Fitzgerald (Put out cones to block carpool through-lane at 8:45)

  • AM Breakfast- Ward

  • AM Bus- McEwen (Write down bus arrival times)

  • Lunch- Fitzgerald, Crum, Lavin, Renfrow, DeCain, McEwen, Roberts (if on campus,) Newman, Bednar

  • PM Hallway-Whitley (corral bus students and supervise)

  • PM Carpool- Roberts (if on campus,) Bednar, Perry/Cooper, Crum (Perry- Call car numbers beginning at 3:40 PM, Roberts/Bednar in the cafeteria, Crum/Cooper (if needed) outside with students/safety patrol.) (Bednar- Please get the speaker out of the office conference room to set up in the cafeteria.)

  • PM Bus- 5/22-5/26-Bredenberg, 5/30-6/2 and 6/5-6/7-VanAntwerp