Eleanor Roosevelt

First Lady of the World

Who Was Eleanor Roosevelt?

Eleanor Roosevelt is miraculous. She is famous because she is the one of the only first ladies who actually made a difference in the world. She wasn't just famous for being married to the president or running the social schedule of the White House, she was amazing. She had passion spirit and almost totally controlled her husbands career.

Early Life

Her early life was difficult. She was orphaned by the age of ten. She also lost her brother as he died from the same disease as her mother. Before she died her mother wasn't that kind to her. She would call her "Granny" because she was to serious. The only joy in her life was her father and her Uncle Teddy. Her father she saw less and less still because he had a drinking problem and was in hospitals all the time. Her father threatened to kill himself so her mother didn't think he was safe. After her mother died she went to live with her grandmother even though her father was still alive. He died later on but she never got to say good bye. His last letter that her wrote was "I hope my little girl is well, and always know that I love you." Her real name was Anna Eleanor Roosevelt. She was called Eleanor because her mothers name was Anna Hall Roosevelt. They didn't want to get mixed up. Her fathers name was Elliot Roosevelt. Her child hood had a big impact on her later years in life.

Her Fame

Her fame was made because she cared about others and it didn't matter who they were. And she was the first lady so she didn't have anytime for other things than the White House social schedule. But she always made time for helping people. Unless they were mean to other people. She was truly extraordinary. She never gave up and never gave up hope. Some may call me the first lady of the world.

Her Life

Eleanor Roosevelt was successful because she was motivated to make her life useful by the tragedy of the early life. Some may call her the first lady of the world.
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