STEAMcats Quarterly Update

Fall 2021

STEAM Parent Information Night

Thursday, Dec. 9th, 6-7:30pm

503 Warren Hill Road

Richmond Hill, GA

Come learn about the program, how you can apply to join next year, and the projects created by students over the past year.

6th Grade Environmentalist

Students were tasked to analyze their soil quality by measuring pH, phosphates, and nitrates. Water quality analysis was also completed with students measuring turbidity, salinity, nitrates, and pH of water from the Tivoli River.

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7th Grade Egg Drop

7th grade STEAM students participated in the 2nd Annual Egg Drop Challenge over the last couple of weeks. Students constructed a device that could enclose and protect an egg from cracking or breaking when it was dropped from a certain height towards a target on the ground. The Egg Drop Challenge was a huge success.

7th Grade Math Surgeons

7th grade STEAM students became surgeons and helped save their patients by answering math problems for different organs. Many lives were saved!

7th Grade ELA Epidemiologists

ELA teachers dressed up as epidemiologists from the CDC to share a zombie-like disease lab. The lab served as an intro for a narrative unit in ELA.
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7th Grade Fetal Pig Dissection

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8th Grade Propaganda Posters

8th grade STEAM and ESS students created propaganda posters using ethos, logos, and pathos after reading "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson.
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8th Monsters

9th Literature and Composition students developed a monster narrative! The students created a monster to explain a scientific phenomenon. Read the student sample below.

The date was July 19, 2022, and New York was as busy as usual, despite the scorching heat. Meanwhile, in Central Park, trouble was growing right beneath the feet of its future victims.

After a month of germination, a plant rose from the ground. It looked nothing like any other plant in the park. It looked like a green tree but with no bark and no side branches—instead, its top split into two branches, each with a tiny lilypad-like leaf on top of them. The people of New York City were amazed by its appearance, stopping to take pictures of it.

Slowly throughout the day, its roots spread around it, connecting to the roots of the nearby grass. The Saccharo Plant sent energy through its roots and into the grass roots, like neurons in a brain. “Hello, this is your first time thinking, do not be afraid, my bladed green friend,” The Saccharo Plant muttered to the grass around it.

The grass could understand it and sent a message back, “You talk to us, but how, why?” All of the grass spoke together, saying the same thing at once.

“I speak to you for one sole purpose, the extinction of animals, and especially humans,” The Saccharo Plant responded, continuing the conversation, “I have a plan to eradicate the barbaric animals, must you must assist me in it.”

“We will help you, for the humans are malevolent and split us in half constantly, reducing our growth and hindering our photosynthesis,” The grass unanimously complained about the tyranny of humans.

Night had begun to set in. Luckily The Saccharo Plant and the grass did not require sleep, so they were able to plot the entire night. The next day the residents of New York woke up to a shock. The Saccharo Plant was different from when the residents had last saw it. Now it was bigger, as big as a person. It had more branches coming out its trunk, each with the same two branches out of the top of them with the same lily pad-like leaves. It’s leaves were now generating the sugar it talked to the grass about. A pile of sugar surrounded The Saccharo Plant, which leaked into the ground. The grass had begun to absorb this sugar, which made them grow larger, about as big as a cat.

The Saccharo Plant’s roots had extended further throughout the park, and had touched ferns, trees,shrubs, flowers, and moss. Never once did it find a plant that did not support his cause. The Saccharo Plant convinced every plant in Central Park to support its crusade.

News channels across the nation had begun to report on this rapidly growing, sugar making plant. Everyone, news anchors, scientists, and regular people all crowded it, amazed by the plant.

Over the next couple of days, The Saccharo Plant only grew, after one week it was as big as a building, and a good chunk of Central Park was covered in giant plants and a mound of sugar. It was at this point that people started to become worried about this new plant. The mayor sent in people to chop it down, but they couldn’t reach it due to the giant pile of sugar.

The plants in central park had also begun to grow large, the grass was as big as a person, the ferns as big as a lamp post, the trees as big as buildings, the shrubs as big as trucks, the flowers as big as cars, and moss began to cover the park. Plants began to pop up more frequently in the city, with moss rapidly growing across the boardwalk, and even the statue of liberty. Flowers popped up on the bottom floors of buildings. And grass began to grow in the street.

It was the eight day when the worst came. It started with a light drizzle, and soon rose to rain. The Saccharo Plant’s sugar production increased with the increase of water. The sugar was swept all across New York City with the rain. The following day was disastrous. Nearly all of New York City was infested with plants of all kinds, ferns and moss covered The Statue Of Liberty, The Empire State Building was covered in flowers and moss, along with nearly every other building.

On the ninth day is when the first casualty occured. The victim accidently walked out of a very mossy window on a high floor, thinking it was a door covered in moss. The following days only more deaths occured, some starved after being trapped in buildings, some suffocating from the sugar piles, all in all it was turning out to be a bad month for New York City.

Twenty-one days after sprouting, The Saccharo Plant had dominated New York City. It grew to be 10 times higher than the Empire State Building. All but the highest skyscrapers were covered in sugar and giant plants. Over half of New York City’s population died from the rapid takeover. This didn’t make The Saccharo Plant content, but for now, this was its borders.

It could wait.

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8th Grade Mad Scientist Day

As part of Mad Scientist Day, Mr. Soash used pumpkins to demonstrate chemical reactions for our 8th graders.

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8th Grade Boat Engineers

STEAM students explored the physical law of buoyancy by engineering different types of boats to support the most mass while continuing to float.

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8th Grade Policy Changers

In Georgia History, students wrote letters to Representative Ron Stephens and Senator Ben Watson, who are representatives for the Richmond Hill area, in the Georgia State Legislature. Students reflected on a bill that was proposed, passed or amended, in the previous session of the General Assembly from January-March 2021. Students wrote a letter expressing support or stating why they did not support the passage of the bills.

Ask your student which bill they wrote about!

8th Grade Math and Science

Mrs. Jaiteh and Mrs. Ringer's classes made ice cream on Mole Day!

Stay tuned for 8th STEAM's firework activity!

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Summer Vacation Photo Contest Winner!

Already planning your next vacation? Congratulations to Kaleb Snyder for winning our STEAM program summer vacation photo contest. He traveled to Wheeler Geologic Area in Colorado. The area is a heavily eroded outcropping of layers of volcanic ash. The ash is the result of eruptions from the La Garita Caldera approximately 25 million years ago. He explored with his family by riding 4-wheelers 28 miles round trip to get to the geologic area.