Calvin S. Period:7

Intro Philippines

The Philippines has beautiful greenery and the water is as clear as day light. This would be a great place for a vacation because of the wonderful scenery (plus it is low cost of living) . 105,720,644 people get to live is this wonderland.

The Philippines exports coconut oil, fruits, and copper products. The main religion is Catholic, the other main religion is Muslim, there are also other Christian religions.

Philippines, Heal Your Body and Soul

Geography and Climate of the Philippines

The Philippines terrain is mostly mountains with narrow to extensive coastal lowland. This would be perfect for a vacation. The climate in the Philippines is tropical marine; northeast monsoons (November to April); southeast monsoons ( May to October). This would be great weather for hiking. The Philippines is located east of Vietnam in southeast Asia.

People and Culture of the Philippines

Clothes- The Philippines wear average American clothing. They wear the same clothes as we do because we once had ownership over the Philippines. An example would like, a suit and tie. Although, it is a little later fashioned, like in the 1990s.

Languages- There are 2 major languages in the Philippines, Filipino and English. There are also 8 minor languages, Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, Hiligaynon or Ilonggo, Bicol, Waray, Pampango, and Pangasinan. As I said in the paragraph before, English once ruled the Philippines, that is why one of the Philippines main languages. 105, 720, 644 people have one of the languages (population).

Religion- The Philippines main religion is Catholic. Catholic is 83%. The second religion that 5% of the Philippines are, is Muslim. 4.5% of the Philippines religion is other Christian religions.

History of the Philippines

1542 - Spanish expedition claims the islands and names them the Philippines after the heir to the Spanish throne.

1898 - During the Spanish-American War, the US navy destroys the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay. Spain cedes the Philippines to the US under the Treaty of Paris in December. The US proclaims military rule.

1902 - US civil government replaces military rule.

1935 - Heading toward independence.

1941 - Japan attacks the Philippines by air and invades.

1944 - US forces retake the islands.

1946 - The islands are granted full independence and renamed the Republic of the Philippines.

1986 - Presidential elections see Marcos opposed by Aquino's widow, Corazon. Marcos declares himself the winner, but Aquino disputes the result. There are mass protests, dubbed "people power", in Manila. The military withdraws its support for Marcos, who flees to Hawaii. The new government claims Marcos had looted billions of dollars during his time in power.

2002 January - US and Filipino armies hold joint counterterror exercises take place near stronghold of the Abu Sayyaf group, which US says has links to Osama Bin Laden.

2003 February Ceasefire between MILF and government breaks down. Planned talks are called off in May after a rebel attack on Mindanao kills 30 people.

2003 July - Government signs ceasefire with MILF ahead of planned talks in Malaysia. Army mutiny in Manila; some 300 soldiers seize a shopping centre but surrender peacefully following negotiations. President Arroyo declares a state of rebellion.


The Philippines have been a constitutional republic since 1987. The government is made up of three branches, the legislative (senate and house of representatives), the executive (president), and the judicial branch (supreme court) It's a mixed legal system of civil, common, customary, and international law. You have to be 18 years or older to vote. The government provides free education for the first 10 years. As a result, the literacy rate is high, 95%.

The current president is Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino. Noynoy's father was assassinated by previous dictator Marcos. His mother took over as president, after Marcos fled the country, and restored democracy. Noynoy isn't afraid to make changes. Noynoy's campaign slogan is, "No one's corrupt, no one will be poor."


The Philippines has recovered from the 2008 financial crisis. The peace with Muslim rebels could encourage investment in the south which is RICH with resources. The economy, one of the regions best-performing in the 1990s, slowed down right as the 21st century was coming around, but sprang right back up in 2004. The reason a foreign investment would be good with the Philippines would be because they just the President made peace with the resource rich island that the rebels are on.

The Philippines is looking more and more promising as a export economy, as it is moving towards electronics, petroleum, and other goods. The Philippines other region's archipelago is the biggest surprise. The Philippine economy expanded by 6.6% in 2012. The Philippine's economy was among the fastest growing economics in the world in 2013, and had expanded by 7.6%.

United Airlines

United Airlines would be a Great business for the Philippines. First, the growing economy makes people want to tour and do business there but they need a ride there so United Airlines would be perfect. Noynoy just allowed foreign airlines to start flying into the Philippines. This would give the underperforming tourism a major boost or help.

Medical Blossoms

Medical Blossoms would be a great business for the Philippines. First, it's medical tourism which makes surgeries cheaper. Second, rather than going down the road and paying 100,000 dollars when you could go to the Philippines for a nice relaxation day at the beach before going and getting a quality, cheap surgery. Third, this is an English company, so people could understand the words the doctors are saying.


Eaton would be a great choice for a business. First, of all it is based in Australia which already does business in that part of the world. Second, It is a mining company and it has a rich resources in a southern islands. Third, now would be the perfect timing because the president just made peace with the Muslim rebels so no other mining company should be there. Fourth, the Philippine's economy is rapidly growing as well.

General Motors (The car company)

General Motors is a great company for the Philippines. It goes along very well with the amount of electronics and the people who know how to work the electronics can also have a head start or can figure out how to build a car. It also helps that the economy had a recent boost in the last couple of years. Also, the countries around the Philippines, like, China and India, both need cars for getting around. Philippines isn't that far from there and would be the perfect destination.

Disney Cruise

The Disney Cruise would be a great company to stop of at the Philippines. It has beautiful seas and oceans that are clear. The Philippines also has beautiful vegetation. It has beautiful scenery and rock climbing that an entire family could enjoy.