Week of February 8th

Next Faculty Meeting/Learning Session on Tuesday, Feb 9th (PM) or Wed, Feb 10th (AM)

It's The LOVE Month (Time to Get Out and Share the Love for Teaching and Learning)


This month (and the first week of March) you will have the opportunity to visit some of the best classrooms in the city--your colleagues' classrooms at Pershing!

If you are NOT on-cycle, you should have received a calendar invitation for your scheduled "Love Month" Visit. If you did not receive an invitation please see Mrs. Holmes.

If you are on-cycle, your supervising administrator will schedule a time to go with you.

You will choose a classroom you would like to visit and we will randomly draw for a second classroom to visit.

February and the First Week of March

Week of February 8th

Online Yearbook Sales This Month

Dance Tickets and MS Cheesy Grams for Sale

Monday, Feb 8th

-Volleyball Game vs PV (7th at Pershing; Groves Supervising)

-Elem PTA Board Meeting After School

Tuesday, Feb 9th

-RIF Distribution for Elementary

-Faculty Meeting/Learning Session in Band Room at 3pm

Wednesday, Feb 10th

-Faculty Meeting/Learning Session in Office Conference Room at 7am

-Principal Meeting (Holmes at 8am; Groves at 11am)

-Volleyball Game vs. Jarrett (8th at Pershing; Holmes Supervising)

-Debate (3-4:30pm)

Thursday, Feb 11th

-Master Facilities Plan Meeting for Holmes at KAC (9-10:30am)

-Pershing Day at the Clothing Bank

-Treats from Functional Skills in Mrs. Scott's Room (noon-2:30pm)

-Volleyball Game vs. Westport (7th at Pershing; Young Supervising)

-Good News (2:45pm)

-GHS Night for Current 8th Graders (5 to 7pm)

Friday, Feb 12th

--Math Counts Before School

-Deliveries of Cheese


Week of February 15th

Online Yearbook Sales This Month

Monday, Feb 15th

-NO SCHOOL (Presidents' Day Holiday)

Tuesday, Feb 16th

-Leadership Meeting at Brentwood Library

-Better Safe Than Sorry Presentations for 5th Grade (9:15-10am) and 3rd Grade (10:05-10:50am)

Wednesday, Feb 17th

-World Language CDC Meeting at Tefft in PM

-Debate (3-4:30pm)

Thursday, Feb 18th

-PBL Training with Mr. Rutledge in the AM

-MSU Theater Player at 1:10pm for Elem

-Good News (2:45pm)

-Math Counts (3-4pm)

-Volleyball Game vs HHills (7th at Pershing; Holmes Supervising)

-PTA Founders' Banquet 6:30pm at CHS; Sponsored by HHS

Friday, Feb 19th

-Elem Hat Day

-Red Out Dance (6th and 7th grade from 6:30-8pm; 8th grade from 7-8:30pm)

Sign up at this link: https://docs.google.com/a/sps.org/document/d/1RglsbT52Q-zUh2EosXh_Joiizsif71NtKLpnJXk0Zvw/edit?usp=sharing


Week of February 22nd

Online Yearbook Sales This Month

Monday, Feb 22nd

-3rd Grade at Peter and the Wolf (11:20-2:20pm)

-MS PTSA Meeting from 12:30pm to 1:30pm in the Library Commons

-New Teacher Meeting after school with Ms. Hostetler

-Volleyball Game vs Carver (8th at Pershing; Holmes Supervising)

Tuesday, Feb 23rd

-Principals' Conference (Holmes)

-Gifted Preview Day at Phelps

Wednesday, Feb 24th

-Principals' Conference (Holmes)

-CTE CDC Meeting at Tefft in PM

-MS TST in the PM

-Storm and Fire Drills (2pm)

-Debate (3-4:30pm)

Thursday, Feb 25th

-Principals' Conference (Holmes)

-Good News (2:45pm)

-Math Counts (3-4pm)

-Volleyball Game vs Pipkin (8th at Pershing; Groves Supervising)

Friday, Feb 26th

-Principals' Conference (Holmes)

-Red Out Day District Wide for the Heart Association

-Talent Show Last Period (Snow Day Make-Up)


Week of February 29th

Online Yearbook Sales This Month

Monday, Feb 29th

Tuesday, Mar 1

- MAP Coordinator Training at KAC from noon to 4:30pm (Holmes)

-7th Grade Volleyball City-Wide Tournament at GHS (Groves Supervising)

Wednesday, Mar 2

-Potential Visit to Republic and Nixa Middle Schools for PBL Exploration

- 8th Grade Volleyball City-Wide Tournament at GHS (Holmes Supervising)

-Debate (3-4:30pm)

Thursday, Mar 3

-2016-17 Kindergarten Registration (7 to 10am and 3-4pm)

-District SPED Cadre Meeting at 8am (Holmes)

-Dr. Steiger Visit (1:30-2:30pm)

-Good News (2:45pm)

-Math Counts (3-4pm)

Friday, Mar 4

-Pennies for Patients MS VB Game ($1 to attend and concessions will be sold)

-Washington DC Trip Departure

Coming Soon:

Week of March 7th: Spring Break

Monday, Mar 14th

-PL/PW Day

(8 to 10am MAP Training and Learning; 10:30-11:30 Leadership)

MAP Grade Level Assessment Window: April 11-May 27

Below is a link from QIA with information regarding MAP. Our focus at this time needs to be on letting students utilize the MAP tools so they are comfortable with the testing process. One SPS MS is having students utilize the tools in science and social studies so the testing burden is more evenly distributed. Think about how your grade level will make sure the students have exposure to the process.


Recognize a Co-Worker

Throughout the month I will be posting things that staff loved when they visited their colleagues' classrooms. In the meantime, you can recognize your co-worker on the workroom bulletin board or online through the district website.


(Just a reminder, we will draw for a Starbucks $5 gift card from the nominations at our faculty meeting/learning session on February 9th.)