The R. Grant Graham Star Reporter

September 3, 2020

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R. Grant Graham Elementary School

Main Office: 248-537-6800

Attendance Line: 248-537-6810
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From the Principal

Dear Graham Families:

Welcome back to Graham Elementary 20/21 Remote Learning school year!

I really miss having the students in the building, but until the Avondale Board of Education allows us to return to in person teaching will will do everything possible to be our best at Remote Learning.

I will be joining the classroom zoom sessions next week to say Good Morning to everyone.

If you have not picked up your classroom materials, please make arrangements with the school to pick up your materials.

You will receive and email on Tuesday, September 8th in regards to Curriculum Night on Thursday, September 10th 6-8 pm. This email will explain how Curriculum night will be handled remotely.

Have a good weekend! Stay safe and wear your masks.

Remember, it takes a village, to raise our children.


Tony O. Harris

Tony O. Harris


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Graham Stars Birthday!

Aashritha Bandla 9/2

Frank Moody 9/2

Khloe Brown 9/3

Aaliyah Grandberry 9/3

Bastian Tlatoque 9/3

Rylee Dropps 9/5

Shy-Lynne Johnson 9/5

Muni Gundala 9/9

Daphne Johnson 9/9

Khloe Johnson 9/9

Jaquan Whittaker 9/10

Ayira Hopkins 9/12

Castiel Tlatoque 9/13

Evelyn Szlarski 9/14

Jeremy Clabon 9/16

Caiden Lewis 9/17

Mayah Pop 9/17

Anvi Vyawahare 9/17

Alan Martinez 9/18

Hansith Boda 9/19

Abigail Ferguson 9/21

Kylie Styles-Rosario 9/21

Anirudh Anand 9/22

Kaylee Colon-Ortiz 9/22

Pracheta Ray 9/22

Kaylee Williams 9/22

Joshua McCarroll 9/23

Sayda Leiva Ramos 9/24

Nevaeh Terry 9/24

Alex Lopez-Cordero 9/25

Logan Mercer 9/25

London Mercer 9/25

Eli Boothe-Briggs 9/26

Reyansh Sreeram 9/27

Sriyansi Althi 9/28

Teriq Robinson 9/28

V. Kishore 9/30

V. Oviya 9/30

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