Kelvin Doe

By: Ashlan Biggs, Per. 3

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early life

she went to Riddlesworth Hall in Norfolk and at West Heath Girls’ School (later reorganized as the New School at West Heath, a special school for boys and girls) in Sevenoaks, Kent. she was a great singer. her family, the Spencers, was close to the British Royal family for years. Her grandmother was Ruth, Lady Fermoy was a good freind with the lady in waiting to Queen Elisabeth the Queen Mother.


he self-taught engineer of astonishing precocity at the age of 11. he rummaged in dustbins for scrap electronics that could help fix local problems. as he got older he made his own battery by putting acid together soda and metal in a tin cup, then mixed and dry wrapping tap around it. it improved saving money on batteries. then build a generator using parts that were home made from rubbish. with that he built a radio from recycled materials. and much more other things. he became "visiting practitioner", he presented the objects he built at home and lectured college students. and all that work payed off helped Sierra Leone with saving money and teaching others about his studies.