Watergate scandal, Nixon resigns


About me!

Hello, my name is Roxanne Smith, but you can call me Roxy for short! I am a very spunky and outgoing 18year old. The year is 1972 and I love all kinds of fashion, music, and am always up to beat on all the latest fashion trends. I love listening to old and new music, some songs I like are, lean on me and american pie. My favorite tv shows are Bridget loves Bernie, The Wonderful World of Disney, and all in the family! My idol is Jane Fonda, she has been featured on the cover of vogue magazine and stared in many movies! Some of the movies she has been featured in are Barbella, on the Golden Pond, and Georgia Rule. Jane was against the vietnam war and when one of her movies was about to come out the film just disappeared. Janes director thinks that nixon had something to do with it.

June 17, 1972

I am sitting on my bed flipping threw the newest vogue magazine featuring Jane Fonda when suddenly my mother calles me downstairs. We watched Nixons reelection campaign getting arrested for trying to find out top secret news about the presidential reelection. After it got over we went along our business two years had passed and the truth unfolded. Nixon resigned and it turns out that he was covering up for the guys who got arrested.
President Richard Nixon - Address Announcing Resignation
Queen - 'Keep Yourself Alive'