Savanna Biome

By: Ariyanna Smith


Savannas are known as tropical grasslands, they are found in wide bands on both sides of the equator on the edge of tropical rainforests. There are many different types of savannas located all around the world. The most well known savannas are found in East Africa. Another area known for savannas is South America. Countries like Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil have savannas that cover 2.5 million square miles.


The temperature is warm year round. There are two different season in a savanna, one long dry season which would be winter and the other is a very wet season that occurs during the summer. Only 4 inches of rain falls during the dry season and during the winter dry season, the weather is still mild at 70 degrees.

Type of Plants

In Brazil, there is an open woodland of short twisted trees. Plants found in savannas are highly specialized to grow in an environment with long periods of drought. The have thick bark to resist fires and trunks that store large amounts of water since rain is scarce.

Types of Animals

African savannas are known to have large herds of grazing and browsing hoofed animals. In the Serengeti Plains of Tanzania, lions, zebras, elephants, and giraffes are some of the animals that inhabit the land. Many herbivores can be found on the plains as well because they are able eat the plentiful grasses.