Friday Flash

Friday, September 13, 2013

Hearts: Social Emotional Learning

Inspiration of the Week

We are always the heroes in our own story, trying to do the right thing.

The challenge is extending that same trust to others.

Positive Behavior Supportive and Restorative Justice Training

The members of our Social Emotional Learning Team are planning to attend upcoming RJ and PBIS trainings, including an extended training in Chicago! They will be bringing back this work to help us improve and modify our practices in these areas in the end of October.

Mr. Jahi

Mr. Jahi and I are working on a plan to bring him back to Glenview this year. He has lost his external funding source, so PTA has allocated money to support his work here. I have connected him to Allison from Glitter and Razz. Our hope is that we can create a more comprehensive circle of support for our girls AND our boys.

Minds: Teaching & Learning

DO NOW; Math Sample Unit 1

As Andy discussed at our Wednesday meeting, start using your sample unit now. In order for us to make an educated decision about being part of the pilot, we need to get our feet wet and dig in to the new units.

Writing Units

Have you had a chance to peek into the new writing units? Ms. Morgan and I will be facilitating you in October through how to kick off your writing program in your classroom. In the meantime, crack open the curriculum and try to make a little meaning of what it in there.

Common Core Article

This is a great article on the Common Core written by an Assist. Superintendent in another district. It really helped me to think through what an effective common core implementation plan needs.

Performance Objectives Due 9/16

Only for those being evaluated this year!

Once you hand in your goals, please connect with me to set up your pre-observation time.



Thanks to Maren and her 4th grade tech. helpers who went through the computer lap diagnosing the possible needs. We have a district tech support person coming to work on the lap on Monday as only 9 of our 28 computers are up to speed. Mr. Miller is the keeper of the iPad schedule. Please connect with him if you want to get on that sign up.


OCCC will start the first week in October. Schedules sent out already via email to 1-3rd grade teachers.


Cantare will begin the week of 9/23 (note this is a week later than I indicated last week). Schedule was emailed yesterday to K-2 teachers.

PTA Board Meetings- Thanks!

Current Reps:

Kindergarten: Granda, Collins & Havenar (October)

1st grade: Sullivan (November)

2nd Grade: Salvatore (September)

3rd grade: Miller

4th grade: Wong

5th grade: TBD

Dance: Lewis


School Site Council will meet on September 25. Thank you to Terri Salvatore, Sandy Ratto, and Mr. Brown who are stepping up to be leaders this year.

Looking Ahead:

9/16: Staff Meeting: PLC teams (start in P-7) 3-3:45

9/17: Chelsea @ Principal PD, 8:30-3pm

9/18: Staff Meeting: Best Instructional Practices @ Glenview

9/18: 5:30-6pm: Title I Meeting, 6-6:30:Back to School Night

6:00-6:30 Data Meeting

6:30-7:30 Back to School Night

9/19: Principal Sara Stone from Redwood Heights will visit Glenview