Building Buddies

Friendship Group

Update on Group Meetings

We have been getting to know one another in our friendship groups! Students have been actively participating, answering questions, and cooperating with peers.

Here is a review of some of our topics:

Getting to Know You

We practiced getting to know our peers by asking and answering questions.

We used scripts like, “Do you like_____?” (pizza, soccer, etc). We responded respectfully with a yes or no. I also encouraged students to continue that conversation by asking a follow up question or making a connection: “I like pizza too!” or “What kind of pizza do you like?”

We also played a game called, "Journey to Friendsville" and identified qualities and actions in respectful friendships.

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Friendship Jewels

One group meeting focused on identifying characteristics of friendship. We watched a short Pixar cartoon called "Partly Cloudy" and discussed the qualities each character possessed that made them good friends. Afterwards, the students considered the personal qualities (friendship Jewels) they want in their own friends as well as the positive qualities they themselves possess.

Questions to Ask your Child:

  • What makes someone a good friend?
  • Who do you know that fits that description?
  • What is something you can do to become better friends with him/her?
Partly Cloudy

Playing a Game with Friends

We discussed the idea of "making a deal" and practiced ways to compromise with friends. Students had to collectively choose a game to play, agree upon it, and decide who would go first. After considering the different aspects of compromising, we were able to play a game. See Below for strategies to practice with your child

Things to Remember

  • Ask everyone if they agree
  • Make sure everyone is happy
  • Remember, you cannot always get your way.
  • The other person should not always get their way either.
  • If you are the only person in a group that wants to play a game, try to be understanding of your friends. Or possibly find another group who would like to play your game
  • Make sure you review and agree on the rules
  • Remember good sportsmanship!

When Choosing a Game

  • ask what each person would like to play
  • vote and play the game with the most votes
  • suggest playing the other option another day
  • suggest splitting the time between each game

When Choosing who goes First

  • ask if someone wants to go first
  • Be understanding
  • rock, paper, scissors (decide how many rounds you must win BEFORE you play)
  • Flip a coin
  • roll a die and let the person with the highest number go first
  • Eenie, meenie, miney, moe (decide ahead of time what it means to get picked)

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