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Friday, October 25, 2019


Mrs. Close's Class ~ The kids took the Unit 2 assessment today. Look for those to come home early next week. I will need you to sign and return the test when it comes home. It's just a quick way for me to be sure that an adult is aware of the test grade. On Monday we'll begin the next unit. In Unit 3, students explore fraction equivalence and compare and order fractions. Then they extend their understanding of fractions to decimals. Please look over the MO practice that's in your child's Friday Folder. The first CML competition of the year will be given the week of November 7th and the MO will be completed on November 12th. Keep studying those multiplication facts! Kids are showing growth!

Mr. Hart's Class ~ We completed module 2 on Wednesday. I have graded the tests and they will be coming home with your kids today. Please sign and return the test so I know that you have seen your child's grade. Like module 1 I will allow the student to make corrections (ON A SEPaRATE PIECE OF PAPER) to get half of thier points back. Students that have an A do not need to do corrections, all other students must complete corrections. Today we began module 3. This is a module on multiplication and division.and will take quite a while to complete. I anticipate this taking us until at least January to finish. Please continue to have your kids work on their basic facts.


Picture Book Friday ~ Khloe got us started! Each Friday a student will entertain the class with a picture book. Khloe read A Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak. Be sure to ask your 4th grader about the theme! Aleks is up for next Friday!

PAWS ~ We dabbled with the first PAWS task. You'll see pieces of the modeled assignment in your child's Friday Folder. Most importantly, check out the feedback sheet. The middle column lists the standards or components of opinion writing that I'll be checking for. The entire process looks like this.....kids plan, kids draft in google, then print, kids look to edit & revise using a protocol from me, print again so I can edit and give suggestions. Finally, kids will go back into that google doc and make changes. Some kids can make their way through this in a week, but most take a little longer. We'll start out with a task every other week. Most of the work should be done in class as they will be given about 15 minutes a day to work. It's absolutely fine for kids to access google through BravesLink at home and work too!

Mid-Unit Assessment ~ The kids worked so hard on this task! Look for it to come home early next week.

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We had a slight change in plans. Crayfish arrive Monday!

Book Fair

The PES will be hosting a book fair sponsored by Follett this year! We will be attending the week of November 4th. I'll let you know when we have a specific day and time. Check out the flyer in your child's Friday Folder.

Longhouse Building

Six days until build day!!!! Please check in with your child to see what else needs to be purchased or gathered!

Fun Friday

I think everyone had some fun today! There were so many choices. A special thank you to Mrs. Uebbing, Mrs. Swartout, Mrs. Lambert, Mrs. Coleates, Mr. Ieda, and Mrs. Perry!

Parent Confereces

Please click on the link to sign up!