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"I've failed over and over in life that is why I succeed "

Micheal Jordan

Micheal Jordan thought he was the Dr.J of basketball. Micheal loved basketball and the game but when it came to the sophomore year.It was MJ time to shine he wanted to prove his coaches wrong. That he could do anything he is the great.He was also a very guile in academics.Then big day has came MJ is about to tryout for the basketball team.He made through the first cut and made it through second.But after a few days he was told that he was cut from the basketball team.After that day MJ cried in his room in his closet for the whole day he never came out of his closet for a few days. First it came to him that wait go outside and practice to prove the coaches that I could play ball. After that everyday MJ practice on every inch of the basketball court he wanted to prove all his friends that he should be on the basketball team.He practice from the 3 pointer the mid rang the free throw his layups wanted to practice every day until he made the shot at least a 50 times. Then when the summer came Michael persevered through how hard he tried.Then it came to winter where it cam MJs time to shine.It was the first day of tryouts and he did good.The next day Micheal Jordan was running through the halls to see if he had made the basketball team.Micheal made the basketball team screamed so loud and he shouted.This shows that hard work and dedication pays off.

Kobe Bryant

“Kobe just follow your shot”.The problem is with Kobe and basketball was that Kobe moved to Italy when he was very young.And basketball was not a big sport there soccer was a very big sport there was basketball hoops there but right in front the hoop was a soccer goal.So it was very hard to play basketball.But he went to every Italian basketball game intact he was the ball boy of the basketball team he watched them for mostly every game he would try to play like all of the other Italian basketball players.But he solved his solution to play middle school basketball and to learn how to basketball But then there was a problem that he was going to move back to Philidophia he was was very frustrated.That he had to move back but that did not stop him from playing basketball when he was in the eighth grade in Italy.Then in the ninth grade Kobe played for the team.He was a very good player on the team.The effect was that Kobe got to play the sport that he loves and that is why he has said “practice makes perfect”.Which is why the effect is that even though he grew up not playing basketball in front of soccer.He has Transformed to be a great basketball player Which is why he has made the youngest player to play in the NBA.He has transcend so much to be such a good player.

Lebron James

Lebron James was a very young kid that did not have a dad and only had a mom.When he was a young kid Lebron was not rich he lived in a very small apartment complex and he kept on moving and moving every few months.As a result she had no other choice to give him to another family so for a few years Lebrons mom worked very hard to get a new and okay apartment so after that Lebrons mom took him back to live with her.Right outside of his apartment was a basketball court Lebron loved basketball and the game of it.But he knew he was not going to become Micheal Jordan in a snap he knew he had to put in the work.So he started shooting the ball and he missed and missed so many times but the he had thought Micheal he thought that he wants to like Mike so he practiced for months to years.Now Lebron was about to tryout for the basketball team for the AAU. The next day he had gotten his results that he had made the AAU basketball team.He was very happy of how he made the basketball team. He knew was so incredible basketball .The outcome and effect was that hard works pays off.

Rocky Balboa

Rocky is about to get knocked out.If you did not see this movie yet let me tell you about.Rocky is like a underdog because he thought he was not going to win any of his fights he thought to himself just to keep on trying.He puts in dedication to become the greatest boxer ever.For example Rocky will never go down without being combative.He is a boxer from Philadelphia he wants to have ambition to be the greatest boxer ever in Philly he trains a lot to become good.Such as if he was Jerry West in the boxing world.For instance he ran all the way to the Philadelphia art museum to show how much courage he has to run all the way there.He wants to inspire the young kids to keep on trying.Most importantly he just wants to be a really good boxer and show how good he is.This show how much hard work Rocky put in.

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Space Jam

The Tune squad is the team that has very meaningful people they have Michael Jordan and Bugs bunny. The.The tune squad is very similar to the Chicago Bulls the champions they are very much like them because the stick together as a team and they play much like them in basketball.Not only but they have the great Michael Jordan he is the leader of the team and he is trying to lead the team to beat the Monsters.However Tune Squad was not good.The Monsters are very different from the Tune Squad because the Monsters are mean not nice people they are not nice to people they are very mean they stole Bugs Bunny.On the other hand Michael was talking to the Monsters and he had said that I want to play a game against you.Some ways that they are similar is that they both love playing basketball.Another similarity is that they both want to win the basketball game and put in a lot of work into their basketball game.At the end of the game both of the teams were nice to each other.They both celebrated with triumph.