By: Jonathon Cammon


  1. It's one of the five armed forces of the U.S. and the only military organization with in the Department of Homeland Security
  2. The go on about 100 search and rescue missions each day
  3. They have weapons to stop people who break laws, so they can catch them
  4. They confiscate illegal drugs worth over 4 billion that drug lords ship
  5. On August 4, 1790 the U.S. authorized a force of ten small armed boats to guard against smuggling and to enforce
  6. Protect, fish, fur seals, whales and sponges from being poached
  7. In the 1970's and 1980's it was especially active a preventing the smuggling of drugs into Florida and other areas.
  8. In the 19th century to prevent smuggling in the time her majesty's coast guard was created.
  9. they respond to19,790 search and rescue cases,saved 3,560 lives and more than $77 million in property
  10. they conducted 919 escorts and patrols to support 190 domestic u.s. military cargo out-loads
  11. in 2012,over 43,000 active duty members , over 8,000 reservists
  12. they conducted 4,603 investigations for reportable marine casualties involving commercial vessels
  13. they are trained at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut
  14. they have 45,000 uniformed personnel
  15. there greatest strength came in June 1945 when it had 171,000 personnel
  16. they enforce federal laws
  17. they do inshore and offshore rescues
  18. there are 550 men in the force
  19. the Japanese have coast guards to they have 41 large patrol vessels, 47 ships and 76 patrol ships
  20. the Swedish coast guards are divided into 15 districts with 2 stations per district