Foods Brochure

Western Northern and Southern Europe by: Selena Diaz

Western Europe

Western Europe has a long and sophisticated culinary tradition and it has temperate,wet climate.

Some countries located in Western Europe are England,Scotland,Wales,and Northern Ireland.

Fish and chips are popular throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.They're deep-fried fillets,usually of haddock,cod,or sole and are served with french-fried potatoes.

From England they have Yorkshire pudding which is basically a popover baked in the hot pan drippings from the roast beef.A popover is a puffy,muffin-size bread with a crisp brown crust and a hollow,moist interior.(Picture)

Northern Europe

The northernmost part of this area extends into the Arctic Circle, foods tend to be filling yet creative.

The countries located in Northern Europe are Scandinavia Denmark,Sweden,Norway,Finland,and Iceland.

A best-known Swedish dish is the smorgasbord.It is a buffet laden with cured fish,cold meats,cheeses,salads and vegetables.(picture)

Another food is in Norway which is lutefisk. It.It is a dried cod soaked in culinary ash and water.

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The Mediterranean (Southern Europe)

The Mediterranean diet is based on whole grains,fresh fruits,vegetables,fish, and poultry with a smaller amount of meat and dairy foods.

The countries in there are Spain,Portugal,Italy,and Greece.

One dish is called Dolma and it's in Greece.It's a stuffed vegetable dish served in many nations including Greece.

Another food is called gnocchi which is from Italy.It's often a replacement for pasta.It is a tender ,boiled potato dumpling.(picture)

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