Track and Field

History of the Sport


The origin of track and field can be dated back to the ancient greek times. The first known Olympic game was in 776 B.C. The only event ran during that Olympic Games and the next 12 Games after was the 600 FT. long sprint. Many people skepticize that the origins of the sport goes back to Olympia in the ninth century B.C.

Modernized Track and Field

Track and Field hit the United States in 1860's, but the first collegiate meets didn't start until 1873 under the Intercollegiate Association of Amuteur Athletes of American. They were the first national athletic group. In 1888, the Amuteur Athletic Union held its first Championships. The Amuteur Athletic Union went to govern the sport for the next decade.

Top Olympic Athletes today

The Effects it has on Society

Economic Impact: Track is a sport that has continued to expand since the beginning of its existence. Today there are track meets that start for kids at a young age and they continue through college. They economical gain that organizations get through these competitions help further better facilities, equipment, and the overall experience.

Social Impact: At a setting like the Olympics where this sport started, the diversity at the competitions is immense. There is always a language barrier between competitors but at the end of the day they have the same common goal, to win!

Political Impact: Many athletes have been charged with using illegal PED's. They use these to get an unfair advantage over their opponents. These drugs are ruining the traditions of the sport.