Grand Rounds

A Quarterly Event of the Rounds Project

Mark Your Calendars!

Friday, Mar 22nd, 4:15-6pm

University of Michigan - School of Education

Grand Rounds brings together interns and professionals from all levels and content areas of the Rounds Project to analyze "cases" of professional teaching practice. In this Grand Rounds activity, we will work with the competency rubrics and video cases of teacher practice.

Attendance is required for all secondary undergraduate interns and student teachers and is open to all School of Education community members, local educators, and administrators.

The University of Michigan
Schorling Auditorium - Room 1202
School of Education

610 E. University Ave.

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1259

The Rounds Project is a School of Education innovation modeled after the medical residency structure. The goal of the Rounds Project is to integrate literacy teaching and learning into history/social science instruction, deepen future teachers’ knowledge of disciplinary literacy teaching and assessment practices, and reduce the fragmentation preservice teachers typically face in a professional program situated in multiple sites. For more on the Rounds Project, visit