My name is Neon but they call me Ne

"you'll have a blast with this Noble gas"


  • Date of birth- April 12, 1898
  • Birthplace- London,England
  • Weight-20.180
  • Lucky number-10
  • Race- Noble gas
  • Parents- Sir William Ramsay and Morris W. Travers
  • I live on group 18th Street in the period 2 apartments and you can also find me in the crust because I'm a really down to earth guy (;

More about me...

I'm a very reserved person, I come in small amounts, and I don't really bond with anyone except for my fam ever since fluorine and I stopped talking. She was too much for me, always trying to combine as a compound. I hang with my friends; Helium, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, and Radon since we all live on the same street. I'm a sneaky person too since I'm colorless and odorless. I'm a triplet with Ne(21) and Ne(22) , but you can obviously tell us apart since we all have different masses.


I'm offering 8 valence electrons and a serious relationship since I can't find anyone to bond with. I'm getting older and time is money so hmu