LIB5060 Spring 2015

Group 2 Take Aways

Tiffiny Francis, Rachel James, Andrea Micciche, Rebecca Ungerer

DEWEY Traditions

Many librarians hold fast to the Dewey Decimal system. Age does not particularly play a part in whether or not a librarian prefers to use Dewey or BISAC. Even within our small ASU Group 2, there is a difference of opinion on the use of Dewey or BISAC. In the end, the library is there for the patron. Whichever system is used, it needs to be maintained so it is easily accessible by the patrons.
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MARC Records

MARC Records are used to help patrons find books in a library catalog. It is imperative that the information entered is correct and uniform with the rules as defined by the MARC guide.

Information Overload and Everyone's an Expert

One of the biggest jobs we have as Media Coordinators is to help prevent information overload by teaching people how to filter information. We can do this by teaching them how to identify what they are really searching for; how to identify reliable sources.

Expertise is no longer based on an advanced degree. Life experience is now recognized, valued and easily accessed on line.