Deep And Dark And Dangerous

"Satisfyingly chilly!"

Plot Summary

Ali is a thirteen-year-old girl who goes through some old photographs and finds one of her mother and aunt. She notices the photograph is ripped in half. Ali can vaguely make out another person. she flips to the back and sees the names; Claire(her mother), Dulcie(her aunt), and T, then it stops because of the rip, so she cant see the rest of the name. Ali asks her mother about the photograph, and "T", but her mother just anxiously ignores her and walks away, leaving it a mystery.

Character Analysis

Sissy is mean, spiteful, and determined to ruin Ali's summer. Sissy has a secret and Ali thinks it has something to do with "T". Sissy is always randomly appearing and disappearing, so know one knows where to find her. Sissy has become a very bad influence on Emma, Alie's 5 year old cousin. She has made her say things she never would have said before. Sissy starts talking about "T" one day to Ali, which worries her. Ali starts to think Sissy knows a little to much about "T".

What I think

I like this book because it is very interesting in a spooky type of way. Once i start reading its hard for me to stop. Deep and Dark and Dangerous will keep you on the edge of your seat. But other times it makes you want to stop reading and tell yourself its just a story. If you don't like scary stories, then this is not the book for you.

Author Biography

Mary Downing Hahn has written many books which most are scary. Some of her other books are; The Old Willis Place, The Doll in the Garden, All the Lovely Bad Ones, Time for Andrew, and Wait till Helen Comes. Mary has been writing books for over 30 years. Her books have sold more then 2 million copies!!