February Newsletter

Ms. Peppey

Important Dates:

February 17th: Early Release

February 26th: No School

February Unit: American Peacekeepers


This unit focuses on people who have worked for equality and fairness in peaceful ways. People who work for peace are called peacekeepers. Students will learn about the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and why he was a peacekeeper. American Peacekeepers is a chapter book that introduces what peace is and talks about different peacekeepers America has seen through its history. Some other peacekeepers students will learn about include Jackie Robinson, Delores Huerta, Cesar Chavez, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, Joan Baez, and Eric Li.


Two weeks ago we began spelling lists. Students were given a list of high frequency spelling/sight words appropriate to their level and have been working on them every day.

We are also continuing to write emails to our high school pen pal buddies!


Addition, subtraction, money multiplication, division, measuring, time, and graphing

Life Skills

Students will learn effective problem solving strategies, how to identify bullying and what to do about it. They will learn effective teamwork strategies and how to identify good work skills in a teammate. We will practice meeting and greeting people with firm handshakes, and how to identify skills and a job of interest.


This month we've started a new schedule for grocery shopping. Students are alternating in groups each week. This allows for smaller groups which makes shopping a little easier and a more valuable experience for them. We will be taking a community field trip this month to the AMC movie theater in Johnson Creek to see Kungfu Panda 3. Please be watching for a permission slip to be sent home soon.

Future Topics:

March: Buzzing with Energy (Physical Science)

Provides a basic study of energy and technology in daily life

April: Right on the Money (Economics)

Explores how to get the most out of your money by making smart purchases

May: Caring for Our Earth (Earth and Space Science)

Focuses on ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle our resources

Touch Money

Touch Money is a strategy we've been using to help count coin amounts. This is something you can be practicing with your student at home as well to reinforce this important life skill.

A nickel has one touchpoint in the center of the coin.

A dime has two touchpoints, one on the top and one on the bottom.

A quarter has five touchpoints, two on top, two on the bottom, and one in the center.

Each touchpoint represents 5. Students count by 5's when they add nickels, dimes, and quarters.

A penny is worth one cent. It does not have a touchpoint. Instead, students draw an invisible line under the penny to count a penny. In class we always count the pennies last ("save the pennies for last").

Below is a picture showing the Touch Money strategy. If you have any questions about this strategy and how it works feels free to email me (or have your student show you!!)

Big image

Parent Teacher Conferences

Monday, Feb. 15th, 4pm

501 South Taft Avenue

Jefferson, WI

I have gotten a few parent teacher conference forms back. If you are interested in signing up please send the form you received in the mail back to school.

Parent Teacher conferences

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, 4pm

501 South Taft Avenue

Jefferson, WI

I have gotten a few parent teacher conference forms back. If you are interested in signing up please send the form you received in the mail back to school.

Sending work home!

My goal for this month (and the rest of the year) is to send home some of you student's work he/she does throughout the week. It won't necessarily be everything we do but will at least allow you to see some of the things we've done. This is one area I have realized I've neglected. Unfortunately I've hoarded all of their worksheets in my room and have not shared them with you. I apologize for this! Keep your eyes open on Fridays starting this week for various materials your student has done throughout the week to come home. I am also planning on changing their personal binders to just a folder. The binder has served as a way to send important papers home in the past, but I think a simple folder will do. Daily Buzzes will still come home every night in the folder. If you haven't noticed, we laminated them to help save some trees. Students grooming checks are no longer being done in their personal binders, we have laminated check sheets in their grooming bins for this.

If you have any suggestions to make the home/school connection better, feel free to email me with your ideas/concerns.