Homework Needs To Be Abolished

Jared Barriga

Guiding Question

Should we abolish homework from school?

Thesis Statement

Homework should be abolished because it stresses kids out after a long day of school, and it takes time away from other things they could be doing.

5-7 Sentence Paragraph of Background Information.

Homework is a thing that many kids would love to get rid of. Homework can cause stress which is not healthy for anybody. It takes time out of peoples day when they could be spending time with family. Homework can ruin relationships with families because they never get to spend time with each other. Some studies say that there is little correlation between test scores and homework. Other studies say that sometimes homework can even lower test scores.

Text Evidence 1

The research paper says, "One mother told me it permanently damaged her relationship with her son because it forced her to be an enforcer rather than a mom." Homework should be replaced with family time. This should happen so that kids can be closer with their families, and so they can have a strong connection with their families.

Text Evidence 2

In the article, "Workaholic Students," the author says, "The night before it was due, I found Shelby anxiously working away near midnight. She was far from done, but I bugged her to go to bed until she grudgingly turned out the light. In the morning, I discovered that she had woken up again at 3 a.m. to finish the project." I think homework should be replaced with free time after school, so you can calm down from a long day of hard work. Students work all day in school, so I think that they should get a break when they get out of school. You go to school for the whole day so you shouldn't need to learn more on the only time you get to yourself.

Text Evidence 3

The article states, "We should respectfully but pointedly inform educators that the status quo isn't supported by good research or basic values, and those values include a commitment to let kids be kids and provide them with time to grow socially, physically, emotionally and artistically--not just academically." Yes, without homework kids will have more time after school to hang out with their friends and enjoy themselves to become more social. Kids emotions will go from being tired, lazy, and not wanting to do anything to a happier, less stressed mood.

Text Evidence 4

The article says, '"Most of what homework is doing," says literacy expert Harvey Daniels, "is driving kids away from learning."' If homework is driving kids away from learning than homework shouldn't be assigned. These are just extra assignments that are pointless because they don't help you learn.

Text Evidence 5

The research paper states, "Once kids enter middle school, parental help with homework can actually bring test scores down" Homework makes kids stressed so it can bring their test scores down. Homework should not be given if it causes your grade to go down.


Many people believe that homework can help students, and make them a lot smarter. What many people don't know is homework can stress kids out, and ruin relationships they have with their families. Homework can be a waste of time because students spend countless hours on it, and some studies show that it has little to no affect on test scores. Homework barley/doesn't help students on tests, so it should't help the students learn the material even more. This means homework should not matter.
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Why Did I Chose This Picture?

I chose this picture because it shows that students receive a large amount of homework everyday. After a long day of school students don't want to do anymore work at home, so they want other people to do it for them. Students become tired and stressed out because they have so much homework. Students would love it if homework got abolished because it will give them time to relax and cool down after a long day of school.