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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

PLC's this week and next!

These next few week's topics will be curriculum. Please have your documents from the first 7 weeks of school updated (for most of you, that will be unit 1 and 2). Unless you have made other arrangements with Scottie, here is the schedule I have for the next two weeks:

Wednesday, October 14:

11:30am - 12:15pm - Garcia, Hunter

1:05 - 1:50pm - Timms

Thursday, October 15:

2:40- Science team and Holt

3:30 - 4:10pm - LOTE

Monday, October 19:

7:30 - 8:10am - Math

Wednesday, October 21:

7:30 - 8:10 - ELA team and Hansen

1:05 - 1:50pm - Standiford/Bookout/Larkin

Thursday, October 22:

9:30 - 10:15 - Grant, Vaughn, McCollum and Kassell with Lofton

The weeks after nine weeks testing will be PLC on assessments. You will need to have your nine weeks test assessment data ready to share and reflect on.

Wednesday, October 28 (A day):

7:30 - 8:10 - ELA team and Hansen

8:15 - 9:00am None

9:10 - 9:55am None

11:30am - 12:15pm None

1:05 - 1:50pm Standiford/Bookout/Larkin

Wednesday, November 4 (B day):

7:30 - 8:10am Math

8:15 - 9:00am Science team and Holt

9:30 - 10:15 - Grant, Vaughn, McCollum and Kassell

11:30am - 12:15pm Garcia, Hunter

1:05 - 1:50pm Johnson/Timms

1:50 - 2:35pm Smith, Walker, and Hendrix (SpEd)

3:30 - 4:10pm LOTE

If your name is missing or this time doesn't work in your schedule, please let me know ASAP! Thanks!

We will have a short faculty meeting on Wednesday (tomorrow), at 3:30 in the Art room. Mr. Webb will be speaking to us about the TRE. We should be done by 4:00-ish.

Nine Weeks Test Schedule:

Tuesday, October 20 - 6th and 8th

Wednesday, October 21 - 3rd and 5th

Thursday, October 22 - 1st and 7th

Friday, October 23 - 2nd and 4th

you must contact parents of any student in danger of failing your class. this is supposed to be a helpful call and i think you will find that most parents are happy to get a call or email. A student shouldn't fail without you giving the parent an opportunity to help!

PSAT on Wednesday (tomorrow)!

In case you are wondering, the date for the PSAT is set by the College Board and we have zero flexibility on when to offer it. Otherwise, the day after a four day weekend wouldn't be our first choice.

Schedule for those affected by PSAT:

Students report to testing room by 8:15.

Testing starts no later than 8:45.

Students not testing who have A lunch will go to lunch at regular time (10:55).

PSAT testing ends at 11:40. Walker, Stoner and Slaughter pick up tests.

Testers dismissed at 11:45. Students who had A lunch go to lunch from 11:45 - 12:15. Students who have B lunch go to class and go to lunch at usual time (12:30).

We will be testing on the first floor. Here are the teachers affected by the testing:

Test Administrators:

Ms. Howard

Ms. Chapman

Mr. Pruitt

Coach Vaughn

Mrs. Statham

Mrs. Mumme (alternate)

Coach Walker

Mr. Stahl

Coach Smith

Coach K. Timms

Coach Kassell

Coach Hansen

Mr. Garcia

Classes relocated that day:

Coach Grant

Coach J. Timms

Ms. Herrera

Ms. Hunter

Mrs. Duong

Coach McCollum

Covering for testers:





Please click here for the complete plan:

Pep Rally Schedule!

Friday, October 23 - 9:00 start time, all of middle school

Friday, October 30 - 3:00 start time (just us)

Happy Birth Month!

Sunday, October 11 - Tyra Becker

Saturday, October 17 - Robyn Statham

Wednesday, October 21 - Noel Hurley and Chase Vaughn

the character trait for the month of october is respect!

Stuff I leave in here for reference (nothing new, because hopefully you already read it, so just scan):

Chunking up big assignments:

Remember that great presentation that Randy and Scottie did on differentiation and cooperative learning during August inservice? Here are a couple of highlights that might come in handy:

When assigning big projects, like papers or group projects, chunk it up and create daily checkpoints along the way that you use to keep students on track and allow you opportunities to take grades along the way. An idea would be to have most of these checkpoints due by the end of a class period rather than giving them the option to 'finish it later and bring it in next class period'.

Some of you have expressed a struggle with students not turning in work and not finding a way to take enough grades, so here's an idea!

There is only one hall pass template for you to use and you can find it by clicking here:

If you coach a UIL sport or event...

Please be sure to send me your SRA's prior to sending them out to the entire staff. Since you are removing students from academic instruction, I would like to know about their departure before you send them out to everyone (just in case there are problems with coverage, a conflicting event, or questions about what time you are leaving). Thanks!

application for Explorer Profile on the iPad!

Students may earn access to additional features on the iPad, namely Facetime and access to the App store if they meet the following criteria:

1. Student maintains an 80% average or better in all classes.

2. Completed “Application for Explorer Profile” submitted within 10 days of the last day of the nine weeks.

3. No documented technology referrals for improper technology use during the preceding nine weeks.

4. Principal approval of this application.

5. Parent approval signatures.

6. Approval signatures from all of that student's teachers.

So, basically the only way they can have access to these features is if you give them permission to do so (in addition to the other requirements). STUDENTS MAY LOSE THIS ACCESS AT ANY TIME IF THEY ARE NOT ABLE TO USE IT RESPONSIBLY. Applications will be available in the front office beginning the last week of the first nine weeks (October 19). Let your department head know if you have questions or concerns!

Progress Report Dates for the Year!

The first three weeks grading reports went well! If you haven't found the awesomeness that is our LVHS Staff calendar on google, please do so! These dates and several more are already on there!

October 23 - End of Nine Weeks; Regain/Lose Eligibility October 30

November 13 - End of Three Weeks; Regain Eligibility November 20

December 4 - End of Six Weeks; Regain Eligibility December 11

December 18 - End of Semester; Regain/Lose Eligibility January 12

January 25 - End of Three Weeks; Regain Eligibility February 1

February 12 - End of Six Weeks; Regain Eligibility February 19

March 11 - End of Nine Weeks; Regain/Lose Eligibility March 28

April 8 - End of Three Weeks; Regain Eligibility April 15

April 29 - End of Six Weeks - Regain Eligibility May 6

June 2 - End of Semester

PLC Meetings for the Rest of the Semester:

A-Day PLC Groups & Meeting Times:

7:30 - 8:10 - ELA team and Hansen

8:15 - 9:00am None

9:10 - 9:55am None

11:30am - 12:15pm None

1:05 - 1:50pm Standiford/Bookout/Larkin

7:30 - 8:10am ELA team & Hansen

B-Day PLC Groups & Meeting Times:

7:30 - 8:10am Math team

8:15 - 9:00am Science team and Holt

9:30 - 10:15 - Grant, Vaughn, McCollum and Kassell

11:30am - 12:15pm Garcia, Hunter

1:05 - 1:50pm Johnson/Timms

1:50 - 2:35pm Smith, Walker, and Hendrix (SpEd)

3:30 - 4:10pm LOTE

Semester 1 Schedule:

Wednesday, October 14 - B Day Curriculum

Wednesday, October 21 - A Day Curriculum

Friday, October 23 End of 1st 9 Weeks

Wednesday, October 28 - B Day Assessments/Data

Wednesday, November 4 - A Day Assessments/Data

Wednesday, November 11 - B Day Instructional Technology

Wednesday, November 18 - A Day Instructional Technology

Wednesday, December 2 - B Day Curriculum

Wednesday, December 9 - A Day Curriculum

Friday, December 18 End of 2nd 9 Weeks

Announcement Procedures -

Please use the announcement spreadsheet shared with you on Google drive to submit announcements. If you are wanting to announce club meetings, you may announce the first club meeting twice prior to the first meeting. After that, we aren't going to announce your meeting every week. We would LOVE to announce scores after games, but we need coaches to submit them, please!

Duty Schedule...

October 14 - October 30


Main Hallway - K. Timms

Cafeteria - S. Johnson

Student Drop Off - Hunter

Bus Drop Off - H. Stachowski

After School

Main Hallway - Stahl

Student Pickup - Mumme

Grassy Knoll - Need volunteer to fill

Bus Pick Up - H. Stachowski

Backups: B. Holt, Baugh

November 2 - November 20


Main Hallway - B. Holt

Cafeteria - Howard

Student Drop Off - Pruitt

Bus Drop Off - H. Stachowski

After School

Main Hallway - Chapman

Student Pickup - Kassell

Grassy Knoll - Kirchhoff

Bus Pick up - H. Stachowski

Backups: Hansen, Stahl

November 23 - December 16


Main Hallway - D. Smith

Cafeteria - K. Walker

Student Drop Off - Duong

Bus Drop Off - H. Stachowski

After School

Main Hallway - J. Timms

Student Pickup - Hansen

Grassy Knoll - Grant

Bus Pick Up- H. Stachowski

Backups: S. Garcia, Standiford

December 17 & 18



Main Hallway/Bus Drop Off - Math Dept

Cafeteria - English Dept

Student Drop Off/Parking Lot - Science

After School

Main Hallway/Bus Pick Up - Social Studies

Student Pick Up/Parking Lot - Electives/CTE

Grassy Knoll/Bus Pick Up - Special Ed/LOTE

* Be prepared. If you cannot attend your duty, contact a back up person to cover your duty. If you do not get your duty covered, assume students will be unattended and unsafe in your area.

** Be prompt. Morning duty begins at 7:40 am and ends at 8:10 am.

***Student drop off and pick up are in the back of the school.

***Grassy Knoll is between the PAC and the main building, standing closer to the student parking lot to be presence in both the grassy area/parking lot.