Motivational Monday

Special Summer Edition

Please enjoy these faith activities for your family this summer!

Ever at a loss for dinner conversations? See below for 52 dinner conversation starters!

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Let's Make Kindness Rocks and Spread Them Around Your Neighborhood!

Looking through social media, it seems like there are so many people who are painting rocks now! But where did this all start? The woman behind this movement is Megan Murphy of Massachusetts. Megan used to take walks around her local beach, and she loved looking down at beautifully shaped stones, shells, and sea glass.

One day on one of her walks, she had a thought: why not create something intentional for someone else to find that could also brighten their day? With this thought, The Kindness Rocks Project began! Megan started painting herself and leaving them at her local beach in Cape Cod. It made her happy to think that she could spread happiness in such a simple way. That simple idea has become a global movement.

Let's jump in on the fun!

How Do You Make a Kindness Rock?

Learn how to paint rocks; it's easy!

  1. Find your desired rock. Clean it with soap and water.
  2. Once the rock is dry, paint the top with a base coat of paint—pick any color you like.
  3. When the base coat is dry, add a fun design, or write a positive note like, "Be the Change" on each one.
  4. Allow the design to dry completely, and then seal the rock to protect your design.
  5. Spread kindness by leaving the rock in a place for someone else to find.
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Connecting Generations Choice Board

Encourage connections between generations with a choice board that invites children to learn about and develop deeper relationships with their elders. Give children choices by asking them to select and complete a set number of activities from the board: three-in-a-row, any four, or whatever number you choose. Activities include options for children to interview their grandparents, write a song, make a chart, and more.

Celebrate a loved elder’s birthday, honor Grandparents Day, or mix it up on a future family video chat with ideas from the Connecting Generations Choice Board.

Click below to download the board.

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Bedtime Memory Verses

Bedtime Memory Verses

Have you always longed for your children to memorize Scripture, but not sure how? Try printing out some of your favorite verses. Every night, gather the kids and recite the entire passage together before prayers. Let it become a routine!

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Print out these ABC Bible Verse Cards and see how fast your kids learn Scripture!

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8 Summer Faith Builders for Christian Families (from Children's Ministry Magazine)

Summer Faith Builder #1: Nature Hunt

For younger children, make picture-based checklists of things found in nature, and go outside to find each item listed. Kids can mark off the items with a pencil. Afterward, talk about what you noticed about God’s creation. Then take some time to praise God together for making all the things you found.

Summer Faith Builder #2. Express Yourself

Use sidewalk chalk to declare your love for one another and for God. Fill your driveway or sidewalk with special messages, family “portraits,” and short Bible passages.

Summer Faith Builder #3. Swim, Jonah, Swim!

If your kids are good swimmers, play a game of Tag. The person who’s It is the Big Fish and tries to tag someone else. Afterward, talk about Jonah and why it’s important to obey and follow God.

Summer Faith Builder #4. Go for “Some More”

Set out ingredients for s’mores and make them together, assembly-line fashion. As you eat, ask: “When has God done ‘some more’ for you? Why do you think God wants us to do ‘some more’ for others?”

Summer Faith Builder #5. Let It Shine

Place floating candles in a kiddie pool, and then use squirt guns to try to extinguish the candles. Talk about how we can shine our light for God, no matter what tries to put it out.

Summer Faith Builder #6. Come to the Water

Experience Jesus’ forgiveness by having family members stretch out their hands and think about anything they need to confess to God. Pour some water from a bucket onto all the outstretched hands, and then gently dry them with a towel. Pray together, thanking Jesus for always forgiving us.

Summer Faith Builder #7. Bubblin’ Over

On a sidewalk (or tarp), place plastic bowls of bubble solution mixed with washable paint. Give each family member a straw to blow bubbles in the mixtures. Then place paper atop the colored bubbles to create designs. When dry, fold the papers in half to make cards, and write the message “God’s love is bubbling over for you” on the outside. Give the cards to people who need encouragement this summer.

Summer Faith Builder #8. Seed, Seed, Grow!

Play a game similar to Duck, Duck, Goose. The person who walks around the circle is the Gardener and carries a full watering can. He or she taps heads and says “seed”—until sprinkling someone’s head with water and saying “grow.” Afterward, talk about the parable of the growing seed (Mark 4:26-29).