HS STAFF NEWS | August 2, 2019


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First Day of School Schedule

FYI—This is going out to Parents today!

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The Pirate Mentors have been training and gearing up to meet the Freshman class of 2023!

Our BIG DAY together starts on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Join us at 7:25 am in the South Gym to begin our day.

Later that afternoon we will be joining the rest of the school on the Football field for our Back to School Bash, hosted by StuCo!

Here are a couple of helpful hints...

1. You do not need your backpack! Save that for Friday.

2. You will be with the Mentors doing activities, touring the school, eating lunch up until 1:00 pm

3. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. The StuCo Bash time from 1:00-2:30 will be a very active time outside!

Platte County High School

  • Dr. Chad Sayre, Principal
  • Shari Waters, Assistant Principal
  • Matt Messick, Assistant Principal
  • Stephanie Theis, Assistant Principal
  • Phil Dorman, Activities Director