Tech Tidbits

TPS Instructional Technology, March 2013

Login Security – Locking Your Workstation

If you need to be away from your computer for a short time but don’t want to close all your programs and log out, press Windows + L to lock your workstation. This brings up the login screen and requires your password to be entered again to access the desktop. We recommend that you save your work before locking in case you’re away longer than anticipated. While others can’t use the computer until you login again, the power button still works. Someone else can power off the computer, losing everything you haven’t saved. However, we recommend securing your computer with Windows + L when you step away.

Recording w/Audacity

Foss IB students and teachers completed a week of audio recordings that will be sent to evaluators in many countries. Audacity is a free audio recording tool available for use on your district PC. Contact Instructional Technology for assistance in using this tool in your classroom or school.

iPads – Basic Use Tips, Updates, and Apps

Do you use an iPad at work or home and want more tips and tricks? Check out the files on our Instructional Technology department website at Learn how to quickly switch from one app to another, see all your running apps, split the keyboard to type with your thumbs like texting, and more! You may alleviate some frustration with the use of the tips in our help files.

A Few Worthy iPad Apps