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Connected Learning Tools for Early Starters

Keeping Young Learners Engaged

At a time when learning outside the home has to take place almost entirely online, some of our hardest hit learners are the youngest ones – students who don't yet have the developmental capacity or maturity to fully engage in and get the most out of virtual learning.

So while there are a multitude of resources available on the overall topic of distance learning, today we want to focus on tools you can use at home to keep education moving forward for young learners. One strategy these tools use is connected learning – a topic we've touched on before. It's one of the best ways for educators (and parents) to keep up with growing demands for "technological literacy," without compromising the benefits of traditional education. Simply put, it allows students to actively participate in their own learning, making it more likely that they’ll actually want to learn.

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Marbotic SMART Tools

When working with young students, teaching reading and math skills can be easy and engaging when you use connected learning (e.g., SMART) tools such as Marbotic. This tool is highly effective for "sneaking" in skills such as developing fine motor coordination and identifying letters, colors, and numbers. Inspired by the Montessori method, Marbotic is designed specifically for young learners. Activities found in Marbotic are open ended so that students can play freely and experiment by themselves.

Marbotic has a line of educational tools that mix traditional wooden toys and touchscreen technology in an engaging and age-appropriate manner. Along with their line of ten free educational apps, learners use the variety of tangible shapes, letters, and numbers to explore and gain new skills.

(This is also a great tool to use with English Language Learners!)

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FREE Marbotic Apps & Printables

Marbotic has many free printable worksheets that you can use with your kids right now. These worksheets provide practice for letters, words and math. Marbotic is also currently allowing free access to two of their educational apps - Alpha Pop and Ten Fingers. Check out the Marbotic printables below.

Additional Solutions for Virtual Learning

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We're working closely with schools and other partners to provide more solutions for virtual learning. Some of these solutions include our summer camps for ages 4-12. Be on the lookout for more 2020 summer updates.

In the meantime, take a look at our Online STEM Academy. This 12 week program is grade-specific (ranging from Pre-K to eighth grade) and includes self-paced activities and worksheets for your students. No extra tools are needed - just your student and a computer or tablet!

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