Roald Dahl


Early life

In Roald Dahl's early life he alwas found a way to make truble. when he was only 4 his father died. He was born September 13,1916 in LIandaff but spent most o his summers in in Oslo, Norway with his grandparents. Roald has to sister that had trouble kepping up with his mischievous ways. He attended a bording school.Most of his stories are basd off of the school that he went to as a child.

later life

After he said no to his mothers offer of going to a university he went straight to work. He worked as a sales man for Shell Petrolem and was sent to Africa. His work was cut short by world war II so Roald when to get a job in the air force. He ended up woking in Washington D.C. where he met C.S. forester. C.S. Forester is the person how encouraged Roald Dahl to wright. in 1953 Roald Dahl got married to Patricia Neal. they had 5 kids but still there 7 year old daughter died of measles. he wrote his first children's book in 1943 10 yeas before he got married.

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Literature spotlight

the B.F.G. is one of my favorite stores by Raold Dhal it has a lot of characteristics that a like in a book

Why Raold Dhal became an author

Raold Dhal became a brighter because someone he knew asked him to.