Paul Revere

JonPaul D.

Early life

Paul Revere is papler for all the wanderfool things he did in his early life. Mister Revere worked as a pullitacal cartooiast and a meseger.Revere told mesagas to other coionies about bad treatment from British. I think Paul Revere did a lot of wunderfool things in his early life.
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Paul Revere contributed a lot to form the United States. Paul Revere warned that the British were coming. He helped patriots in revoilutionery war to build the United States. There are meny museyums and books that tell about paul revere and his contsterbutions I think paul contributed a lot to help people have a happy life.

Paul Reveres trates

Paul Revere has meny good careicture trates from his life time. he showed lots of dilagence by working multibal jobs. Paul showed justice from not paing taxes. Paul Revere is my Americam hero