Job Interviews

Nolan Dennhardt

Before the Interview

There are a lot of things you should do to prepare for your job interview
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How to prepare for the interview

Here are some tips that can help prepare properly for your next interview.
There several things you have to do in order to prepare well for an interview. First you need to get a good nights sleep so you can present yourself well for the interview and be on time. Also you need to practice a fake interview so you can practice some lines that might be include in the actual interview. Last you need to look nice for the interview so get nice clothes and get a nice looking haircut.
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Job Interview Tips - How to Prepare For a Job Interview

During the interview

How to greet the employer, what time should you arrive, what to bring, and what to ask
To greet the employer you should have a firm handshake and a pleasant smile on your face. When you are prepared you should leave early for the interview, you should be around 15 minutes early. Some things you should bring to the interview is identification, paper and a pen, and a list of contacts. You should ask at least one question afterwards, you can ask questions like what are the tasks of an average day on the job and what is the history of the position.
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Common questions

How you should answer certain questions.
What are some of your weaknesses- Draw away from your weaknesses and talk about how you have overcame hard things in the past.

How have you changed in the past- Talk about some personal things that have changed you physically or mentally.

What are your strengths- Emphasize on some of your greatest things you can use for the job.

Where do you see yourself in the future- Don't say anything about leaving that specific job, they want someone to stay for a while.

Do you have any questions- Always ask a question or two that you are curious about the job.

Top 10 Job Interview Questions and Answers
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After the interview

How to end the interview well.
After the interview the employer already has his/her thoughts about you, but its not over yet. You will want to make another nice and firm handshake and thank them for their time. Also you should write a thank you letter to them always.
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How to dress for the interview

You need to make a good first impression and with a sharp look you will nail it.
Men: depending on the job you will have to dress accordingly. for example if you applied at a bank, you should dress up with a suit coat and have nice combed hair.

Women: depending on the job you will have to dress accordingly. For example you apply at a bank, a blouse with heels and nice and neat hair would be fine.

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What not to do

Do not look unprofessional during the interview. There are several things you can do to look bad. Do not mess with your clothes, bit your nails, mess with your hair or face, pull out your phone, use bad language, or talk about unnecessary things.
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