Ocean City

by sophia


Are you allergic to pet fur? If so Ocean City is the place to go because, no animals are allowed on the beach at any time between May 1 and September 30th. If you want to go on a vacation that's long lasting and want to take a pet with don't go between May 1 and September 30th. If you want to know some more stuff of cuteness and questions then read on.

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I chose Ocean City because it sounds like a fun place. First, I want to see wild and crazy horses wandering the land. I also want to feel the furry sand on my feet. I think it would be fun to splish and splash in the water if they allow swimming in the water by the beach. I would also love to soak in the gorgeous golden bright sun. I want to discover mysterious animals I have never heard of. These are my reasons this place sounds fun.


Ocean City's culture is a lot like Iowa's culture. The climate in July is usually 74 fahrenheit sometimes over 90 fahrenheit. The food I found are Chicken Parmigiana and Old Fashioned Taffy. Their speech is like ours, English. Once again, their money is the same as ours $1,$2,$5,$10,$20,and so on with the dollars. Then their cents is not much different than their dollars 1,5,and 10 cents. There are some Iowa like cultures for Ocean city.

interesting facts

Ocean City has a lot of mysterious and interesting facts. One is that the wild horses are very friendly(that’s something I would not guess). The horse's are as friendly as friendly people. This reason is so dog-riffic you might want to go there, they dress their dogs up in these adorable little outfits that make them look so irresistible. At first I was thinking that some people in Ocean City were creeps because they walk their lizards on leashes. Now see what I mean by mystery things?


After all my research I think I would like to visit Ocean City. While I’m there I might get a big chance to see wild horses. I might also be able to try some of their succulent sounding food. The dogs,how could I forget,I hope I can meet one that’s so loveable. I hope that I get to go there and learn all about the natural city.
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