Intermediate Staff Newsletter

For the Week of February 26, 2018

Dear Staff,

Last week we had the opportunity to take part in our final full day inservice for this school year. Hopefully, you found the time productive and left for the day with a feeling of accomplishment. As we bounced from group to group it was exciting to hear all the tasks we have accomplished and to hear the consistency from group to group. In a school as large as ours, it can be difficult to get large groups of people moving in the same direction. You all have done that...and so much more! While we will always feel like we have so much more to do, we hope you'll stop and reflect on how far we have come since the reconfiguration was announced last Spring. We are so thankful for all the hard work you have put in and rest assured, it is making a difference!

This week we turn yet another calendar page to the month of March! It's hard to believe that we have wrapped up the second trimester and have just a few months left in this school year. Your T and L team, MTSS team, and administrators have been pouring over data these last two weeks to make sure that we are capturing the most at risk students and providing as much support as possible. We will have our final meeting on Monday before making adjustments to groups or changing schedules to meet more at risk students. Therefore, groups will be canceled on Monday so that we can finish this important work, and resume groups on Tuesday which include some new students. Based on the amount of time left in the year and in an attempt to give a last push effort, some of our support will come in the form of using the Performance Coach resource, in small groups, to provide instruction that will benefit students in feeling prepared for our Spring assessments. If you have questions about changes we will be making, please see Katie or Kate.

Here's to a great week!

Katie and Kate

Supporting our Students

The Winter Olympics have been full of opportunities to showcase resiliency at it's finest. They have also been full of heartbreak, tears, and missed opportunities. What speaks to me most though, is the athlete's RESPONSE in both moments of glory and moments of pain. Take the story of the Mexican Cross Country Skier German Madrazo, who finished dead last but crossed the finish line with a smile worth a thousand gold medals. Could he have been disappointed-of course! But his response was to grin from ear to ear, excited with just the opportunity to be there! Consider using this or other stories (Jimmy Joseph is full of them) that truly highlight that we have the choice in how we respond. Check out the link below to see the highlights of the Olympics. What will your responses teach your students this week?

News to Share

1. As a reminder, there will be an ELA meeting with Shelley Schaub in E Wing tomorrow morning and NO staff meeting Tuesday. Hopefully, you have been able to complete your winter benchmark assessments for students you are concerned about. To review what needed to be completed, click here.

2. In just a few short weeks we will be hosting the first ever Eagle's Inspired: Celebrating the Arts Show. We hope you will mark it down on your calendars and attend if you are able. While this event is focused on 4th and 5th grades-there will be a 6th grade event this Spring. Check out when your class is performing below and plan to visit the Art Show in the gym as well.

Big picture
3. The final MAP window is March 12-23. A schedule for sign ups will be sent in next weeks Newsletter if not before. We know this seems early but there is testing almost every day during the month of April so this was the option decided upon.

4. As a reminder, conference week is March 5th through the 9th. There will be no morning meetings this week. Meals will be provided on Tuesday and Thursday evening. They will be ready to go after school for you to make up a plate for a time that works best for you. Here is the link to the reminders we sent last week. Don't forget to send Donna a copy of your conference schedule.

5. The second round of OTES is upon us. If you are on a full evaluation cycle, please see Donna to get your formal observation scheduled. For this round, you have the option of a preconference if you would like. You must have a post-conference. If you are on a partial evaluation cycle, you do not need to sign up for your observation, however, if there is something great you would like to share with us, you can see Donna to schedule that as well.

6. On Monday the T and L team, along with administrators are making final revisions to our intervention groups. You may receive an email with information about a student who is being added into a group or a new time that will support an additional group of students. If you see a direct problem with what is sent, please see Katie or Kate to discuss. All of these decisions are being made using multiple data points and by reviewing which area has the greatest need for a student.

Week at a Glance

Announcements: R and I Wing- 4th Graders- See Pledge Schedule

Monday, Feb. 26th- ELA PD with Shelly Schaub in E Wing 8:30; OELPA Testing

Tuesday, Feb. 27th- No meetings-Enjoy the extra time!; OELPA Testing

Wednesday, Feb. 28th- 5th and 6th Grade ELA Meetings; 4th Grade Team Meeting; Pre Alg. A Meeting 8:30; OELPA Testing

Thursday, March 1st- Science, Math 6, Math 5, Social Studies 6 Meetings 8:30; OELPA Testing

Friday, March 2nd- R Factor Team Meeting (please get us your class groups); OELPA Testing; Food Truck Friday; Grade Cards Go Home