Holding Cold Food

Holding and Serving Poster By: Alexis Martin

Equipment Needed

  • Food covers and sneeze guards
  • Thermometers
  • Time
  • Temperature


  • Hold cold food at 41ºF or lower
  • Check food temperature at least every four hours
  • Use thermometer to check internal temperature of foods
  • Cover foods to protect from contaminates


  • Don't use the same utensil for different types of food
  • Don't allow the food to remain out for more then six hours without temperature control.

Proper Techniques to Ensure Safety

Can hold food for six hours without temperature control for up to six hours if you meet these conditions:

- Hold the food at 41ºF or lower before removing from refrigerator

- Label food with the time you removed it from fridge and the time you must be thrown out

- Make sure food temperature doesn't exceed 70ºF while its being served

- Sell, serve, or throw out the food within six hours