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The Truckers Health Coach is a division of The American Health Coach. Our mission is to get America healthy. Simply put, we are a national organization of Health Coaches offering free services to employer groups. We have found that we can better accomplish this goal by working with corporations to improve employees health. As we accomplish our goals we find that corporations save money by lowering insurance cost, they see employee morale and productivity increase and lost time due to illness decreases.

As most trucking companies are aware, the lifestyle of a driver is not very healthy. Drivers don't have many healthy options out on the road and due to long days and sedentary lifestyle they don't take the time to exercise like they should.

Our program can help! Please watch the video clips and we'll follow up to talk more about creating health with your employees!

The Number One Business Strategy - Employee Health

Our FREE Services!

If your goal is weight loss

For those individuals tired of fad diets and who actually want a real solution, we are anxious to help you. First, we will assign you a FREE personal Health Coach for one-on-one coaching to ensure your success. Second, we will present you a weight loss program that is backed by science and has been studied extensively for its effectiveness and safety. Finally, we promise you won’t have to count calories anymore, you won’t be asked to attend an exercise boot camp, and you won’t feel hungry all the time. You will simply be asked to change what you eat. And for those of you who have a flexible spending account with Benefits Managers, we have even come up with a solution of how you can use it to purchase a portion of your food while on our weight loss program.

For more information on our coaching or to talk with one of our coaches click here.

If your goal is health

If you are already at a healthy weight or have a program that is already working for you, then we recommend you participating in our FREE wellness classes. These weekly classes are full of information that will help you accomplish your goals. We cover many health topics, such as:

  • Eating for better health.
  • Implementing an exercise or activity plan.
  • Why sleep is critical for optimal health.
  • How insulin effects whether we are storing energy as fat or using it as fuel.

Employees can either attend live or watch the recordings that will be sent to him each week. For more information on our program please click here.

There are many things we can help you and your drivers with. Because of the lifestyle that most drivers live, we have found that we get the best results by offering FREE one on one coaching for drivers who want to reach a healthy weight. We have a program that can be done safely while on the road and that produces great results. All of our group classes have been recorded as well so that drivers can watch them on their own time and learn how to keep the weight off or they can learn how to create better health if they are already at a healthy weight.

We also provide education and updates regarding some of the new government regulations regarding medical cards and DOT physicals as well as the conditions that are specifically being targeted as "unsafe". Sleep apnea is one of those conditions, please view the video below for more information.

Sleep Apnea

What is involved?

There are no costs associated with our coaching for either corporations or drivers. If you do not have a wellness program yet, we can help! If you do have a wellness program, make it better by offering our FREE services to your employees!

If you are interested in moving forward, we will send you a flyer similar to this that you can forward to all your employees. They will contact us with any questions they may have. You will not be bogged down with questions or coaching. Let us handle that!

For more information or to get started click here.

You can also call us or email us for a quicker response.