The Great Egg Drop

Will Omelet Survive?

Our Problem

We were given instructions in science that we where to build a contraption that would stop an egg from cracking when hitting the ground from a 50 foot drop. But, we could only use specific materials for the process. We were given 50 cm of tape, 50 cm of string, a 20 by 20 cm piece of plastic bag, a 20 by 20 cm piece of cardboard, 5 toothpicks, 5 q-tips, 5 packing peanuts, 5 cotton balls, 2 paper cups, 2 pieces of paper, and 1 Styrofoam cup.


Me and my partner thought for a while on ideas. Then we came up with an idea. We would make a parachute out of the piece of plastic bag, use all the string, most of the tape, and both of the paper cups.When we put it together we tested it by dropping it off the lab station. Our contraption came at the ground too fast.Our next idea we added the piece of cardboard, the five packing peanuts, and the rest of the tape and this time it worked.

Our Model

The next day we we started re-building our contraption.We put almost every thing on and tested it. We dropped it off the lab station but the egg cracked. Then we put the five packing peanuts on the bottom of the cardboard. We dropped it and it worked!

Omelets 50 ft drop

It was finally time to see if Omelet would survive.We had ten minutes in class too improve our contraption before we dropped Omelet. When the time was up we headed outside. The firetruck raised up its ladder and we saw who's egg was going to be first, it was are's. The man held our contraption over the ladder and he let it go.

Did Omelet Survive?

Omelet went sailing towards the ground. He hit the ground And me and my partner ran over to are contraption it was barely broken. We opened up the cups holding Omelet we thought he wasn't broken but he was cracked on the top. Omelet didn't survive.