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What is Google Classroom?

  • Online learning platform
  • Easily communicate and interact with students
  • Distribute, collect and organize documents

Tips to Consider

Before you begin your Google Classroom journey, consider these tips:

Beginners, check out these resources!

Check out these features!

What's New?

  • Instant Google Calendar integration!
  • "Share to Classroom" Chrome extension allows you to push a website to student devices. Look for the extension icon on your browser!
  • Move a post in your stream to the top and reuse a post
  • Ask a question to make your Classroom interactive!
  • Now choose from either short answer or multiple choice questions!

About tab

What are some ways you can use the About tab? Check out this great resource:
Google Classroom Review

Ready to gamify your Google Classroom review? Compete for the top spot in PacMan by clicking on the link above, created by @Gallagher_Tech

Intermediate-Advanced Users, check out these resources:

Share to Classroom

Want to learn more about using this extension? Here's a great resource:

Did You Know?

  • You will receive email notifications if you are invited to join a class, or when something new is posted? Make sure students keep this setting turned ON!
  • If a student is having trouble turning in assignments to Classroom, they most likely DELETED their Classroom folder from Drive! Yikes! But we can fix that: