My Goals

Mariela,Beech Springs Intermediate 2015-2016

My Math Goal

My math goal this year is to improve my long division problems .I will do this by practicing my long division problems at home.I will time my self to see how long it takes me to do one problem.
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My Reading Goal

My reading goal is to increase my schema.I will increase it by asking questions more and more.Or I will tell the teacher that I do not understand.
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My Behavior Goal

My behavior goal this year is to earn all of my letters.I action I will do is that I will never get a warning.I will also do this by following all the procedures.
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My Personal Goal

My personal goal is to know how to do a handstand in to a back bend by the end of the year.I will accomplish that by practicing every 4 days of a week.
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Another Personal Goal

My personal goal will be to learn diffrent kind of gymnastics moves.I will learn diffrent kind of gymnastic moves by practicing moves at home.
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