John Paul Jones for President

Jones's background

. John started off as a gardeners son in England, 1750.

. But later in 1773 there was a mutiny on his merchant ship that he was captain of and he accidentally killed the ring leader.

. Then he fled to America and joined their new navy at the beginning of the revelutionary war.

. He captained many ships in the war and harassed England's coast and navy.

. He had many great successes and was given many honors during and at the end of the war.

Jones's accomplishments

. After joining the American navy John stayed mostly on the English side of the Atlantic and defeated many British ships.

. But his greatest battle was when he fought a man of war called the Serapis. It lasted more than two hours and both ships were badly damaged. But in the end the other ship surrendered and John took it over.

. All the ships that he was defeating gained him a reputation in England of being a pirate. Today he is known as the father of the American navy.

What makes him a great leader

. He would make a great leader because he is stern and makes sure that everyone knows their job and does it correctly.

. But he is also a gentleman and honor bound so he would not rule unfairly.

. He also would not give up easily if a problem arose.