Clinical trials after meals

According to clinical trials after meals in diabetic patients the rate of increase in blood sugar slows down;

· In the complex treatment of obesity - an excellent result;

· Lowers cholesterol, cleanses the body, thus prevention of bowel cancer;

· All anti-cellulite treatments more effective with pectin.

All these properties give us reason to be sure to include sufficient pectin and pectin products in your diet.

Useful Spices - Look at the useful properties of spices from a health standpoint. To begin with understand these concepts or synonyms are different concepts. Definitely, spices - this herbal products. Them in the world, a large number of - More than 30 plant species.

And all used to use them in cooking as a flavoring. Unfortunately, due to ignorance of their properties are not always properly used spices in cooking. It is interesting that different people in different ways called spices, depending on what is put in these terms, and that for them certain spices. For example, in ancient Greece spices - aromatic herbs and in ancient Rome - spicy and delicious.

A Latin spice plants - scitamente - tasty treat selective. Particularly true for the ginger and cardamom. And it appears later Latin word species, and the word means not even the very properties of spices, and something worthy of respect, brilliant and beautiful. Here are so highly prized in Europe since the Middle Ages spices.