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3 Reasons Why Kids Love the Water Garden

Do your children love learning about science? Do they enjoy experiments? The Back to the Roots Aquaponics kits are a great activity to share with your family. The water garden is a treat for kids of all ages!

1.Easy to Transport: With the water garden, there is no need for an outdoor area. Bring the garden inside with this aquaponics kit!

2.Low Maintenance: The water garden is actually a self-cleaning fish tank that grows food, so kids will be able to care for any pet betta fish of their choice!

3.Healthy Greens: Your aquaponics kit will grow a range of plants and herbs that will be a welcomed and tasty delight at any meal.

4.Learn About Ecosystems: You will be able to teach your children about different ecosystems with this closed-loop aquaponic environment.

5.Connect with Gardening: Our aquaponics kits help kids understand how natural fertilizer impacts the quality of plants and how fast they grow.

6.Future Knowledge: Your children will be able to take the lessons they have learned from the water garden into their science classes for years to come.

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