Amanda Gyuran Wellness

60 Day Transformation Program

Do you dream of having a tight & toned summer bod year round?

Let me fill you in on a little secret. You don’t have to follow a strict diet, starve yourself, adhere to ridiculous food rules, and workout 5 times a day to see results. It’s all about being healthy and nourishing your body. It starts with changing that beautiful brain in your head.

Let’s eliminate the D word… dieting. This means eliminating processed/packaged foods and getting back to the basics, what our body was designed to eat. Swap dieting for eating clean. Take time to cook and prepare foods, real foods that grow outside in the ground, not that “stuff” that’s made in factories. Clean eating stems from the idea of eliminating all chemicals from the body. While an entire generation was “liberated” by the invention of convenience, packaged and processed foods, it’s been damaging for our health. You can’t get your dream body if you feed yourself chemicals. So, jump on the movement to truly nourish that beautiful body of yours!

Completely changing what you know is difficult and hard to do on your own. That’s where I come in. I will guide you on how to choose healthy choices & transform your health in a way that’s fun and flexible. Not only will I tell you what’s best for you to nourish your body with, I’ll educate you on why. Clean eating, combined with exercise and a mental makeover is the yellow brick road to results. It’s not going to be easy, and it will take longer than 2 weeks to see results. There is no quick fix.

With my help, you and 14 other lovely ladies will undergo 60 days of complete lifestyle and body transformation to achieve your dream “summer bod” that you can easily keep up with year long.

And guess what? You can do this program from anywhere in the world!

Are you ready to commit to your best self?

You Programs Includes:

-60 day meal plan. (over 180 recipes).
-A weekly grocery shopping list.
-Four 30-minute personal coaching sessions by phone.
-Workout plan that can be done at home.
-Self Love & Mediation Exercises.
-Tools on how to manifest the life of your dreams.

-A Food & Mood journal to write in.
-Abundant information on clean eating.
-Constant e-mail & text support from me.
-Access to a private Facebook group.
-Weekly encouraging e-mails & check-ins.

-A PDF ebook & softcover book!

$150 - Reserve your spot today!