Standing Up for Peoples Rights


Danny Keefe Story

Danny Keefe is a 7 year old boy with a special condition. He has apraxia which makes him want to wear ties and a suit because of it Danny got bullied, because of that a friend of Danny’s brother came up with an idea to talk to the football team that Danny gets water for. He told them to dress like Danny on a day he created called, Danny Appreciation Day. So on Danny Appreciation Day all the people on the football team went to school dressed in a suit and, a tie just like Danny!

How can you stand up for what's right?

Danny Kefee was the victim in this story and Dannys brother’s friend knew that the bully bulling Danny was doing the wrong thing. He made a plan to tell the bullie that it doesn’t matter if you are differant just that you need be yourself and, that was what Danny Kefee was doing so, the friend of danny’s brother stood up to the bully by helping Danny stop the bully from picking on him.
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Please help stop bulling if you see some one being bullied please help stop it!