By: Alayna Mellinger & Rachel Werner

Basic Information

Proteins are large macromolecules that have one or more chains of amino acid.

Approximately 18-20% of the body is protein by weight.

Function of protein

Protein is used by living things to build new cells and maintain tissues.

Proteins are found in skin, bones, muscles, hair, and tissues.

Types of Proteins

There are different types of proteins. They are Hormonal, Enzymes, Structural, Defensive, Storage, Transport, and Contractile. Here are examples of each type of protein.

Hormonal- Vasopressin

Enzyme- Glucosidase

Structural- Keratins

Defensive- Fibrinogen

Storage- Casein

Transport- Hemoglobin

Contractile- Myosin

How we use protein in our lives

Protein makes up the basics of living tissue, and helps strengthen, and build muscle mass.

We also use protein for energy.

Where can we get protein?

Fish, chicken, tofu, yogurt, milk, beans, eggs and nuts are all high in protein.
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