Ms. Ajmera's Class

Inspiring Students To Think with Depth and Complexity

November 9, 2014

  • In Language Arts we are on our last week of novel studies. We also had an interesting philosophy discussion based on the question: Should you let little things bother you? This question led us into an analysis of stoicism.
  • In Science, students built their bottle rockets after understanding drag, thrust, payload and aerodynamics. We will be launching them on Monday. Some students turned in test corrections to improve their test scores from last week. However, I was disappointed to see not everyone who scored below mastery (90%) took this opportunity.
  • In Geography, students took their first exam. Scores will be in Engrade by Monday afternoon.
  • In Math, we are continuing with learning concepts through Apex, math fact mastery through Xtra math and problem solving and math skill application with me in small groups.
  • In Life Skills, we had a great lesson on the the rings of responsibility and what it means to be a good digital citizen. We will be infusing more lessons on this topic throughout the year.
  • I also introduced the independent study. I will model and guide the students through the first independent study and then in January everyone will be free to study a topic of his/her choice after approval.
  • In Technology, the kids continued learning new techniques in their animations.
  • Typing Agent Unit 3 is due the end of November.

General Information

  • Please send a water bottle to school with your child every day
  • Look for a sign up genius by Monday morning for parent/teacher conferences in December
  • Disguise a turkey project is due on Monday, November 10th.

Quote Analysis by a student on our class...

“The internet, like the steam engine, is a technological breakthrough that changed the world.”-Peter Singer

I think this quote by Peter Singer means the steam engine impacted the world, by traveling and transporting goods faster than ever. Once the steam engine was invented it helped people, get more jobs, earn more money and live better lives. The Internet is like the steam engine because the Internet makes chatting, researching, learning, selling, and communication more faster and easier. The Internet is an invention that has changed the world. Just like the steam engine.

I can connect this quote to myself one time I was watching a movie called “Teen Wolf Too” and it was set in a time period when they didn’t have Internet. Anytime they wanted to get information about a subject they would have to go to the library. They had to take time to search and read to find the necessary information. I thought to myself if they had Internet in that period of time it would be easier to get to the subject they were wondering about. The Internet has also impacted my schoolwork because any time I need a definition or examples I just pull out my laptop and it helps figure out my question. I can’t always trust the Internet though, that is a down side.

I partly agree with this quote by Peter Singer because the Internet is an technological breakthrough. It’s changing the way mankind looks at everything. Just like the steam engine the Internet is getting people more jobs by making websites, apps, music and much more. However the Internet isn’t all good there are negatives too. The negative side is by having the Internet it’s making people anti-social and ruining there communication skills with people face to face. Also the Internet can put people at risk if people share their private information online. The Internet has its good and bad but nevertheless it has changed the world.