VPS Return Plan

April 16, 2021

Welcome Back!

We are thrilled to have the Primary School children returning full time for the remainder of the year beginning Monday, April 26. I can assure you that we are ready for this shift and look forward to fostering the important social-emotional skills of friendship, collaboration, compromise, and collegiality with the children we serve. While the district Q & A page provides the nitty gritty details, below is information from the Primary School perspective that would be important for you to know regarding the change and impact on you and your child(ren).

Thank you once again for all your support during this unique school year. I honor your resilience and partnership through it all.


Danielle M. Dehm, Ed.D

Interim Principal

Tweaks in the Children's Daily Plan

  • The proper spacing within the school environment will be maintained with continued attention toward hand washing and sanitizing. Teachers have worked to ensure the 3' social distance spacing in the classroom.
  • In order for the 6' social distance to be maintained while eating, children will eat their snacks at different times. Also, half of the class will continue to eat in the classroom space while the other half will eat in the dining room.
  • Mask wearing will continue for all children and staff.


  • Need bussing beginning April 26? A transportation form MUST be returned to the Transportation Department by April 20th for bussing to be in place by April 26 for any child who has not had bussing to date. The form is on the VCS website at the bottom of the transportation page. Fill out an electronic copy and email it directly to the individual noted.
  • For those transporting their children to and from school, please note that the process is generally the same with a few minor tweaks to expedite it, although it may take a bit longer simply due to campus traffic and the volume of families choosing this option.
  • Adults should continue to wear their masks in proper fashion while on campus when the children are here.

Health Screening Form

It is imperative that you continue to complete the daily health screening form as it allows us to expedite the arrival process significantly. When the form is not completed, we must find and greet your child from the bus and ensure their temperature is taken. PLEASE help us in this way by:

  • Adding the URL to your phone home screen or
  • Completing the form via the text you receive each day or
  • Completing the form via the email you receive each day

100% Remote Learning Plan @ VPS

If you choose the 100% remote learning option, the students will:

  • Be provided with asynchronous remote learning materials for daily completion

  • Engage in synchronous learning with a remote teacher for up to 60 minutes each day beginning on Monday, May 3

  • Connect with their remote teacher one time each week for an individual work session (day/time TBD)

  • Be invited to connect with the class they have been a part of on Wednesday mornings

  • Be provided with access to a Google Classroom

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Kids are Wondering

  • When we come back full time, can we take a class picture? Yes!
  • How will we do lunch? It is going to be a little different. Half of the students will eat in the classroom, half in the cafeteria, and everyone will be spread out.
  • Since the gold group is coming back, are we going to switch seats? Your desks might not change but your classroom will be rearranged for safety.

Kid Messages About Returning to Whole Group

I feel happy coming to school 5 days. I learn alot at school. I make new friends. It's so fun. I feel a little scared but I know everything will be good.

I want to come back full time because I like having a big class with lots of friends.

I feel good coming back to school because we can have a full class come back full time.

I like it and I don't. I don't like it because it will be very loud. I like it because at the same time I would get to see more people and I would be able to see Jack.

I am very happy to come back 5 days a week because I was not a fan or word. I'm a little worried about having 17 kids in the class because kids will be closer than before.

I feel great going back to school full time! I am very tired and bored of working at home. It is very hard working at home, especially for me. I have to watch my brother during my mom's meetings. We have to stay very quiet. We are very bored when the rain comes. I also get more work at school, and I get to see my friends. I am very glad we are going back five days a week. I think my family is very happy too!

At Home Learning For All Next Wednesday, April 21

Superintendent Terranova shared that we will have no in-person instruction at the PreK through 6th grade level on Wednesday, April 21. This is to provide our elementary staff with valuable time to plan for the reopening of school scheduled for Monday, April 26.

If your child is a member of the GOLD cohort in the hybrid model, the in-person learning for Wednesday, April 21, will be replaced by the home learning lessons in the learning calendar. If your child is in the BLUE cohort, they will engage in the Virtual Learning Set on that day as normal. If your child is a remote student, there are no changes to your routine.

NYS Grade 3 Assessment ~ UPDATE

Now that the plan for inviting all students back to school each is well under way, please note that the NYS grade 3 assessments dates have been determined:

ELA ~ Wednesday, April 28

Math ~ Friday, May 7

This experience will take place within each child's classroom environment during the school day and should take approximately 30 to 40 minutes. The most important messaging that you can provide to your child is to simply do their best. Thank you!

I believe the children are our future.

Teach them well and let them lead the way.

Show them all the beauty they possess inside.

Give them a sense of pride to make it easier.

Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be.

~Whitney Houston

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At Victor Primary School we are not only concerned with your child's academic growth, but also with his or her development as a total human being. This includes emotional and social well-being, a sense of responsibility, appropriate behavior, and physical aptitude. To accomplish this, we work together as a team to foster a "positively primary" environment for all.

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