Microsoft Excel Training

- By Quant Master Academy

Learn Microsoft Excel Course Online

Today nearly 75% of companies use Microsoft® Excel® as part of their compensation process, but Excel is a robust and often times complicated tool. Compensation professionals can spend a vast amount of time working with high volumes of data. In this skill-building seminar, you will gain the tips and tricks you need to easily work with and analyze data in Excel—increasing your efficiency and productivity.

This course provides time-saving step-by-step instructions and visual demonstrations of common tasks in Excel .Easy-to-follow demonstrations and practice exercises will help reinforce essential time-saving skills.

All this videos you can see on . The site will help you to learn better and videos will help you to become Expert.

Udemy is an amazing online platform for students. As a student, you can take this course you’d like, move at your own pace, ask instructors questions directly and it even tracks your progress while you go through the online material.

If you’re thinking, I can just watch tutorial videos on YouTube… THINK AGAIN! It is a totally different experience being on Udemy.

With over 125 video segments that teach you how to do the basics all the way to using SkyDrive to share and save files in the cloud, the Excel Training for Beginners course will answer so many of your Excel questions with a click of a button and a 2-3 minute video. Also, once you sign-up for the course, you have access to all the videos forever. If you come across something you can’t remember how to do in a year from now you will still have access to the videos to reference.

This course includes :-

- Starting with Excel workbooks
- Working with data in Excel
- Working with Excel worksheets
- Formatting options in Excel
- Basic Formulae and Functions
- Advanced Formulae in Excel
- Conditional Formatting
- Excel Page setup and Printing
- Advanced Data Handling Operations
- Charts in Excel
- Graphic objects and Smart Art in Excel
- Windows SkyDrive to work with online documents
- Security in Excel

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