how to use a compass

for north and south hemispheres

compass and magnetic feild

compasses are magnetically charged needles and lead to the nearest magnetic point (north or south pole). the compass is used to travel.

the magnetic field is created by the inner core turning against the outer core. this may scare you but it does no harm. actually the magnetic field is the reason you exist.

north hemisphere

for the northern hemisphere the red compass needle points north because the nearest magnetic point is the north pole (in most cases). to use the compass, determine the direction you want to travel and use your compass to find that direction and start traveling.

south hemisphere

this could be different because some compasses point only south or only north. but some point to the closes magnetic center. in other words, the red needle isn't always north.

compass need to know

some compasses are south or north seeking compasses so watch out. they might confuse you (to tell if they are , if you are near a street that points an exact direction. use the road direction to tell.
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