The "Holy Grail"

of ELA Assessment

What do we evaluate?

ELA teachers make decisions about what is important for our students to know and be able to do. Generally, it is more valuable to assess students' "ability to formulate and develop their own interpretations," rather than test for a single, "right" answer.

(TLA, pg. 226-227)

Why do we evaluate?

  1. To describe what and how students are doing well
  2. To provide ideas for future improvement
  3. To supply students with tools for self- assessment

(TLA, pg. 226)

How do we evaluate?

In providing students with opportunities to express knowledge and skills, ELA teachers should strive for assessments that require perspective-taking.

(TLA, pg. 228)


Criteria & Feedback

Now can we continue our quest for the Holy Grail?!