Printmaking Self Portrait

The process of printmaking.

After tracing your selected picture with tracing paper, trace it onto the linoleum.

Start outlining every detail with a Sharpie marker.

This will help make the drawing show up better for later when you start shading in certain areas.


Finished with that? Start pressing a sheet of paper onto the print.

You can use as many types of paper as you want. Drop the sheet of paper on top of the print and use a baren to smooth out any wrinkles and evenly distribute the ink onto the sheet of paper.

After smoothing the paper out, gently peel off the piece of paper to see your print.

Each time after you peel off your paper, fill the linoleum with ink again so the print will turn out as dark after each time.

This is the result of your piece of paper.

Repeat these steps to the rest of the selected papers.

Enjoy your printmaking! :)