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Winter Sports-Netball

On Friday the 19th of July 2 girls teams and 1 mixed team that got chosen from both grade 5 classes and grade 6 classes to represent Gippsland Grammar at the Sale winter sports.

The "b" girls team won 1 out of 5 games and had a two close games with scores of 3-6 and 2-4, their coach Jane was very supportive. Jenny and Emma of the girls "B" team found the first game the most challenging agaist St Thomas's.

Winter Sports-Soccer

On the 19th of July, Year 5s and 6s who chose to do soccer went to the Sale city soccer grounds to compete against other schools in the 2013 winter sports carnival. Team 1's first game was against St Thomas's and the score was 12 - 0 Grammar teams way, the second game was against Sale 545 and the score was 2 - 3 Sale 545's way. Team 2's first game was againt Sale 545 and the score was 14-0 Sale 545's way, Guthridge was the next team and the score was 7-1 Guthridge's way and the last game was against the other grammar team and the score was 5-0. Neither of the Grammar teams got into the grand final but both teams got into the semi-final. The day was great fun for everyone!

Cyber Saftey Interview

On Wednedday the 24th of July we went to the Cyber Saftey talk and at the end we were lucky enough to get interview with Lesley the lady who ran the talk.

Have you ever been in a cyber saftey problem?

No I haven't which is quite fortunate.

Adding to that have you ever been involoved in anyone else's online problems?

Yes because I used to be head of a Middle school so I have dealt with many issuse like that.

Have you ever had a virus on any electrical devices?

I had a really bad virus called the Trogen virus and I lost about three years of school work on my school laptop luckily the school had a backup and I didn't loose all my work.

How old where you when you got your first electrical device and what was it?

Wow that's a hard one. It would probably be a tape recorder and I would have been about 15, I got a walk man a bit after that but my tape recorder was a portable one with big buttons and it was rainbow coloured and it was really cool because no one else had one.

Have you ever been cyber bullied?

No I haven't and I'm very fortunate about that, that's a bit like the first one isn't it I was certanily bullied at school but not cyber bullied.

Have you ever had online friends that you don't know in person?

No, I would never do that because it is just no safe.

Apps of the Week

1. Aurasma - Augmented reality app that lets you add videos to trigger images that play when the app is open.

2. CargoBots - Problem solving app that was created entirely on the ipad using another app called Codea. Thinking skills are required to program a crane to move boxes according the the goal.

3. Mindsnacks Kids Vocab - Vocab app where students can learn a large amount of new words and meanings whilst playing engaging games.

Grease Review

A fantastic show performed by the senior school students, they performed Grease as a school play, It was absolutely magnificent, all the cast had a wonderful connection with their roll and all the extras did a fantastic job even if they didn’t have a big part. The costumes and the props were amazing. There was some bad language throughout the play and Mr Lamb was shocked and would not stop covering his ears!

Tree planting

On Friday the 27th of July both grade 5 classes walked down around the lake to plant trees. Once we got down there a lady that worked there told us what to do. We worked through the first planting space quickly and were soon on to the second. Once we were finished we got an interview with the lady that ran it.

Comining Events

Monday, Aug. 19th, 9pm

Princes Highway

Sale, VIC


Book Week is when each class picks a book that the library teacher has chosen and does a activity to match it. Goolagong has the book Miracool and the task is to either make a Charcoal Landscape so you have to place charcoal on watercolour wash. The other task is to make a trail with objects that you have at home or from the garden.


Buddie breakfast is where the year five buddies and the pre-prep buddies get together to celebrate book week. We will be having breakfast together in our pyjamas and sharing our favourite books and teddies with our buddies.